Join The UNICEF For An Immensely Satisfying Healthcare Career

March 20, 2014

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UNICEF or the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is an agency funded by donations from governments, corporations and private individuals. Its advocacy and policies are focused on defending the rights of children around the world and making sure that less fortunate boys and girls in developing countries get the nutrition, healthcare and education they need.

UNICEF is an IGO or Inter-Governmental organisation that is created by government agencies and the general public. The main objective of an IGO is to improve the life of the world’s inhabitants in more ways than one. IGOs are in advantageous positions as opposed to ordinary groups of nations without treaties or signed agreements. All IGOs agree to comply with enforceable rules and agreements amongst themselves.

Waiting for sunset in Iringa, Tanzania How UNICEF fills the demand and needs of the world’s poor

UNICEF is dedicated to improve the lives of children by providing assistance, food, water, healthcare, education and shelter where they are most needed. International organisations such as this often make use of volunteers and professional services especially in the medical sector of their endeavours which require licensed and qualified doctors, nurses and medical technologists.

UNICEF operates in various locations across the globe with at least 10,000 employees and volunteers working in 190 regions and countries. The organisation employs experts in the medical field, public health, sanitation, water, and nutrition segments. Medical personnel, teachers, and other field staff are assigned in these territories to carry out humanitarian work on behalf of the organisation. These workers deal with poverty, discrimination, violence, hunger and disease.

Statistics of Hunger and Poverty

According to UNICEF statistics, about 22,000 children die every year from poverty. Usually, they die quietly, away from the public eye in the world’s poorest cities and villages. Victims of hunger, abuse, and diseases are hidden from the scrutiny and conscience of the general public. Statistics show that even today, about 27 to 28 % of children in third world countries are underdeveloped and malnourished.

Most of the world’s poor children live in South Asia and sub-Sahara Africa. These regions lack qualified physicians and healthcare experts and UNICEF strives to fill in the gap by bringing over licensed and skilled medical doctors, registered nurses and other supporting staff.

How to join UNICEF

Aside from social policy experts, fundraisers and economists, the organisation is in constant need of medical professionals in various fields especially those that focus on child healthcare. They need of HIV/AIDS experts, medical doctors, and teachers to educate and provide support to children with HIV/AIDS and other diseases that can actually be prevented if the proper measures are put in place. Those who wish to fill this position need to have experience in the care of young patients and prevention of diseases.

Internships are also offered at UNICEF with programs that last from 1 to 4 months. To be qualified for an internship, you need to be enrolled in a graduate course or program. You have to be able to speak English, the universal language. It will also be an advantage to speak a second language. Your university records will be scrutinized for excellence. If accepted, you will be assigned to headquarters or field offices around the world.