Pre Med Internships: Getting Experience in the Medical Field

March 25, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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As a pre med student, the best way to gain an edge over the medical school competition is to obtain a series of pre med internships during the course of your undergraduate studies.  There are many pre med internship opportunities available; here’s what you need to know about scoring the best internship for you!

Summer Research Internships

As a college student, you probably look at summer as your free time to play, rest, and enjoy some fun in the sun.  While your friends are partying, you can use the summer to take advantage of pre med internships that are available across the country. You may not be able to travel across the country in the middle of a semester, but summer is an excellent time to travel to another campus. Summer internships are intensely educational; you’ll be immersed in a medical environment, shadowing medical professional, and even conducting your own research under the guidance of mentors.  Your medical interests will guide what pre med summer internship is best for you.  Attending surgery in TanzaniaLaboratory research internships are widely prevalent at many top-rated university campuses during the summer, and medical school admissions committees are interested in seeing exposure to the hard sciences on your application. 

Pre Med Internships for People of Color

The medical profession has long recognized that people of color are under-represented and have created pre med internships to increase access to opportunity and hands-on experiences. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (NBCUs) provide multiple pre med internships for people of color.  In addition, highly prestigious medical schools, such Yale, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania, provide specific medical internship programs for minority pre med students.  Many of these internship programs also provide a stipend so that students can earn while they learn more about medical careers.

Pre Med Internships at the National Institutes of Health

Some of the most prestigious internship opportunities are provided through the National Institutes of Health and sponsored by our federal government.  The next generation of medical researchers and innovators receive their training through these kinds of programs.  There is an Institute to match nearly any medical specialty – Cancer, Eye, Human Genome, Diabetes, Environmental Health, Neurological Disease, or Hear, Lung, and Blood.  These are highly competitive internships, so acceptance into any of the pre med internship programs through the National Institutes of Health will distinguish you from the medical school application pool.

Taking Your Internship Abroad

If you are adventurous, you might consider a pre medical internship abroad. There are major advantages to this type of internship.  Typically, you will fund this experience with your own money, but the benefits of the experience make it worth the price.  You will have hands-on experience working in a clinical setting while also gaining exposure to new cultures and ethnicities. You’ll be immersed in medical experiences that will likely reflect the reality of your future career; most importantly, you’ll be mentored by practicing physicians who are interested in your career development and showing you a view of medicine that you will not see in a research lab. To obtain this type of internship, you’ll be happy to know you are already in the best place to learn more – here at Gap Medics!

Pre med internships are a critical component to your medical school application and provide invaluable experience in your career development.  Seek one out today! It’s never to early to plan for your internship. — Post By Madelaine Kingsbury.