Should I Enroll in an MCAT Test Prep Class?

March 25, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Preparing for medical school is a multi-pronged event.  You’ll want to obtain high achievement in your high school and undergraduate studies and find medical schools that best match your needs and abilities. Without a high enough score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), your hard work will all be for naught.  MCAT scores are critical piece of if and where you will attend medical school. There are many ways to prepare for the MCAT, and you may want to consider enrolling in an MCAT test prep class.  Here are some factors to consider whether this option is best for you.

MCAT Test Changes

The current version of the MCAT will be replaced by a longer, more involved, version in 2015.  In addition to the traditional sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics, the new test will also include a section covering your knowledge of the social and behavioral sciences. There will also be added emphasis on biochemistry to reflect the growing and changing knowledge needed for medical school success. These content area changes will also add two hours of testing to the MCAT, resulting in a 6.5 hour testing marathon.  Test preparation is critical. An MCAT test prep company, like Kaplan or Princeton, might be right for you if you are nervous about your performance on the new MCAT.

MCAT Test Prep: Is It Right zfor me

The MCAT test is a marathon and not a sprint, and the training for the race come in many forms, both commercial and non-commercial.  Time for a global health tutorial When you begin your search for MCAT test prep materials, you must be sure that the methods will mirror the test. Commercial test prep classes, like Kaplan and Princeton, ensure that their materials align with the content of the actual MCAT test. These companies know that the MCAT is about thinking and reasoning within the framework of varied subject matter, either scientific or non-scientific. Another key to quality test prep is the opportunity to take similar timed MCAT practice tests. You can attempt to do this in the privacy of your own home, but with a MCAT test prep class, you’ll be in a simulated testing environment with a group of people also taking a practice exam. You may appreciate the feeling of being in a testing crowd, which is definitely a benefit to going with a commercial MCAT test prep company.

You’ll know that a MCAT test prep class is right for you if has a strong track record of success with its students. You’ll want to ask a potential test prep company several questions, such as 1) What is the average score of your students? 2) What kind of feedback do you provide to students? 3) How current are your test prep materials? 4) How many practice tests will I take? 5) What is your money-back policy? If you like the answers you hear, and you have the time and money to invest, then an MCAT test prep class might be right for you.

Concluding Thoughts

It is very possible to take the MCAT and be very successful with a self-study plan.  Free MCAT test prep materials are all over the web, and Gap Medics has already written about how to effectively prepare for the MCAT on your own. What’s most important to your success on the MCAT is your commitment to preparation. Are you ready for the big day? — Post by Madelaine Kingsbury.