How Social Media Affects Medical School Applications Today

April 4, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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How Social Media Affects Medical School Applications Today

Social networking sites have become ubiquitous and have permeated every aspect of modern-day lives. We use them to communicate with people we know, to network and build personal and professional relationships, for entertainment, business, advertising and a host of other purposes.

It goes without saying that educational institutions do not want to be left behind in the internet race and medical schools in Australia too have got into web-mode. They look for ways and means of intertwining the application process with social networks. So, if colleges are doing things differently, it goes without saying that applicants will also have to move in sync with them and understand what role social media plays in the medical school application process.

Finishing at the hospital for the day The change that had to happen

While some schools still prefer to tread the path of tradition, others are willing to innovate and are more experimental with new technologies. Social media has changed the face of medical admissions in numerous ways:

Admissions updates– Many medical schools use different social networking sites to communicate with the applicants. Application statuses and updates are sent via popular sites. It is important that you check these updates. Some may be scheduling changes while there might be some modifications in procedures that are being communicated via the social network. All of these are important for you.

Maintaining cohesiveness– Some schools have been adopting novel methods of using social media to enhance and increase class cohesion. Some create incoming class-orientation groups on networks like Facebook and many schools also agree that these measures are very successful in meeting their objectives.

Medical colleges conduct standard team-building activities on campus, which can be pretty expensive endeavours. Using social media helps in saving those costs. Another advantage is that the applicants are encouraged to organise the pre-orientation activities on their own. Expensive school-staff coordination is out and interesting class-cohesion is in.

Ideally, if you are an active user on a social network site that has groups from various medical schools, it will give you a view of different opinions. There are online forums that you can register on too. All of these can give you a pretty good idea of what that particular school is really like and can help you decide which one will match your needs the best.

Some pointers on social media

Though social media is making its way into the workings of medical schools in a big way and you have to keep abreast of the latest online happenings, there are some things that you have to keep in mind as well: 

Medical schools understand the importance of the role of social media and have incorporated it into their standard workings as well as into the application process. Take advantage of the media, leverage its benefits and use it to make a good impression. After all, medical school is much more than just college; it’s the start of your career as a doctor.