The Benefits Of The Nursing Profession

April 22, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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What are the benefits of joining the nursing profession?

A pre-nursing student observing a routine procedure at Iringa Regional Hospital in Tanzania. What is it that draws nurses to this popular profession? It cannot just be the money. There are several other careers that offer almost similar salaries for a much lesser workload. Here we explore some of the top benefits of the career as recounted by those who are already a part of this profession and claim to not regret a minute of it.

The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution

Every nurse talks about making a ‘meaningful contribution’ or making a ‘difference to someone’s life’. While it may sound clichéd, there is no other way to explain the more altruistic motives behind this choice of career. Nurses consistently make meaningful contributions not just to the lives of patients but also to their patients’ families. The workday of a nurse may be stressful and tiring but at the end of the day, there can be no greater satisfaction than knowing that someone is alive, healthy and happy because of you. There is no substitute for that feeling.

A lifelong learning opportunity

The science of nursing is always advancing. Being successful in this career requires openness to change and a commitment to learning. There are several opportunities for learning through continuous professional education programs or by attending conferences and joining specialty organisations. 

A wealth of choices

Nurses work in diverse settings that could range from rural or urban settings, outpatient or inpatient, large hospitals or smaller private clinics, in home settings, schools, law offices, research settings and medical device companies. You can even opt to work as a travel nurse. Very few professions offer such a wide range of career choices that nursing offers. In addition to the diverse specialties you can choose from, nurses also fulfil a variety of roles within each specialty.  Today, highly trained and experienced nurses are in high demand in many non-traditional settings as well. In nursing, you can explore other options without jeopardising your career progression. 

Flexibility & portability benefits

The nature of nursing is such that it is needed everywhere and all the time.  This means you can opt to work part time, full time or per diem on day, evening or night shifts. You can also take your career with you wherever you go. You can practice as a travel nurse with an organisation or you can simply travel across the country applying for vacancies wherever you are.

Nurses are always in demand

Longer life expectancies and an aging population have resulting in a growing need for more nurses. There’s no doubt that nurses are in high demand, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

High level of job security

No matter what the state of the economy, you will always have options for employment, even during a recession period.

Never a dull moment

Very few professions offer you as much variety as nursing does. Even though some specialties may be slower than others, no matter what specialty you choose, chances are no two days will be identical. You can count on the unexpected and the unpredictable, which will always keep things interesting throughout your working days.