Nursing: Myths And Facts

April 24, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Nursing Myths & Facts

Asiya with her mentor on the neonatal ward Nursing is one of those professions that has always been subjected to numerous fallacies and myths. These misconceptions about nursing have been a major setback to the profession with many students hesitating to embark upon this career path. If you’ve been hesitant about enrolling in a nursing program because of the prevailing nursing myths, this article should help you make a more educated decision. 

Myth: Nurses are just lower versions of doctors

Fact: There may have been some degree of truth to this several years ago but not anymore. Today nurses are highly respected. They are educated, knowledgeable and skilled and work either as part of a team of healthcare professionals or independently, depending on their area of work. The job today’s nurses do is very different compared to the older stereotypes and their roles are evolving continually to best meet patient needs.

Myth: Only those who do not want to or cannot do a degree course, choose to do nursing

Fact: The nursing curriculum is not limited to teaching students routine tasks such as administering injections or checking a patient’s vitals. A nursing programme is as rigorous as any other in the healthcare stream. To become a registered nurse you will need to complete a 3-year degree course. During this time you will gain plenty of practical clinical experience in different settings in various nursing specialties that are anything but routine. It’s fast-paced, with exciting research going on all the time.

Myth: Nurses are stuck in a hospital all day, working awkward shift patterns

Fact: Like any other job, nursing can be demanding and challenging but the fact is you are not restricted to working long hard hours or shifts and neither are you limited to working in a hospital. Today there is a wide range of nursing roles on offer in many different locations. Where you work all depends on what kind of nursing you want to do and where and how you want to do it. Working in a hospital is just one of many options. As a forensic nurse practitioner you would work in a police station or jail assessing people detained in custody or you could travel the world as a travel nurse.

Myth: Nursing involves working long and hard hours for very little pay.

Fact: Nurses today start off with competitive salaries and perks with the opportunity to earn more with overtime and other additional payments. A nurse’s salary compares very well with other healthcare jobs.

Myth: Nursing only attracts ‘nursing type of individuals’ who generally cannot make it in other more challenging professions

Fact: There is no one type of personality that is best suited for nursing. Nursing attracts individuals across diverse backgrounds, qualities, personalities and skills. All of these men and women who choose nursing do so for various reasons but the love for nursing lies at the very core of their decision. Without a love for this profession and the satisfaction that comes with it, it would be very difficult to cope in this tough and challenging job.

If nursing is something you’ve considered but have been dubious about because of prevailing myths, it may be worth a re-think. The biggest shame of all would be to overlook such a fantastic career opportunity, with all its life-changing experiences simply because of the many myths and fallacies that have surrounded this profession.