Tarangire National Park

May 1, 2014

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Looking For A Quieter Adventure? Visit Tarangire National Park

A visit to Africa is just not considered complete without a visit to a National Park. If you are doing a medical placement in Tanzania, a couple of days getaway to Tarangire National Park is the ideal way to be able to experience the beauty of the country while having a couple of days to relax from your hectic schedule.

Unlike the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, the Tarangire National Park is not a much visited tourist attraction. However, if you prefer quieter places where you can soak in the beauty of the surroundings in quiet bliss rather than having to put up with hoards of tourists and lots of noise, then this is the place to visit. You don’t have to feel that you are being cheated out of a great safari either. Tarangire National Park is home to some of the best game in the country as well as a large bird population.

Major Attractions

Hanging out with an elephant in Chiang Mai Despite its lesser known reputation, the truth is Tarangire offers as much game as the Ngorongoro Crater and other safaris in the area. The only restriction when visiting this area is that you need to choose the time of the year carefully. The Tarangire National Park is home to a diverse variety of game only from July to October. For the rest of the year, most of the animals usually migrate to the Rift valley. However, during this time you will still be able to see zebras, leopards, cheetahs, wild buffaloes and gazelles. There is also a very large population of birds which can be seen. And of course, there are over 3000 elephants that roam the area and are often the major attraction.

And if you don’t want to only go on safaris to view the animals, there are a number of other activities you can indulge in. The few outfits that organise safaris also organise night walks into the National Park as well as fly camping, which is a unique experience.

Accommodation options

Oliver’s Camp and Swala are the two most well known hotels in the area. Both provide outstanding accommodation at a very reasonable price.

Tarangire Treetops is another lodge, which is very unique. All of its rooms have been raised into baobab trees. Even though this lodge is located a little distance away just outside the park perimeter, it is very popular because of the unique experience that it offers.

Best Time to Visit

Tarangire National Park has a much higher concentration of game from the months of July to October so if you happen to be doing your placement during these months, you are in luck. These are the best months for a safari within this Park. Most of the animals migrate to other areas during the other months of the year so sightings may not be as great as during the season. However, the off season months are the quietest at Tarangire, which offers its own peaceful charm and beauty for anyone looking to get away from it all and just relax and recharge.