What To Do If Your Nursing Or Midwifery License Has Lapsed

May 6, 2014

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What To Do If Your Nursing Or Midwifery License Has Lapsed

Students in emergency medicine Before you can start practicing as a nurse or midwife in the UK, you have to be registered with the NMC or the Nursing & Midwifery Council. This is a mandatory requirement for all practicing nurses and midwifes.

If you take a break from professional practice for more than three months, your registration lapses and you will be required to meet some requirements before you can get your registration renewed.  

The first requirement is that you should have completed at least 450 hours of registered practice as well as 35 hours of learning activity in the preceding three years within the UK or overseas. You will be asked to sign a declaration to this effect. The second requirement is that you will also need to complete an application to re-admit to the register. Along with the application, you will also need to provide the NMC with references to prove your work hours.

If you cannot meet the required 450 hours in the last three years, you may be readmitted if you have 750 hours of practice in the last five years plus 35 hours of learning in the last three years. Some restrictions may apply and each case is considered individually. If you are looking for re-admittance to the NMC you can call them to discuss your case and determine whether or not you meet the necessary requirements.

Practice hours includes but is not restricted to providing direct care. Teaching, supervisory, research and managerial roles are also taken into consideration. 

However, practice hours that were completed while your registration had lapsed or if you were not registered are not counted towards the minimum practice requirement. For example, if you were working as a health care assistant during your non-registered period, those working hours would not be taken into consideration.  

It is important to know that while you are unregistered, it is illegal to work in any healthcare role that requires registration, no matter what the circumstances. If you apply for re-admittance to the register and you are found to have been working, your application will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Advisory Group for consideration.

Return to Practice If You Do Not Have the Required Number of Practice Hours

If you want to reapply for your NMC registration but you do not meet the minimum number of practice hours, you will be required to complete an approved ‘Return To Practice’ programme before you are allowed to rejoin the register.

Restoration of Registration in Case of Disciplinary Action

It could be that your registration was removed by one of the NMC’s ‘fitness to practice’ panels because of a complaint made against you or because you may have contravened some agreement or some other reason. In this case, you will have to apply for restoration to the register. Your application will be discussed and considered by the panel before it is restored.