Guidelines For Writing A Winning Personal Statement

May 15, 2014

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Guidelines for Writing A Winning Personal Statement

Working on your personal statement for your med school application can be truly nerve-wracking but here are a few guidelines that can help make it a little less so.

Start Early & Make Two Drafts

Just after observing a birth in Tanzania! It is best to start as early as possible so you have enough time to review your statement and make changes. Begin by making at least two drafts of your personal statement before you write out the final application for the University. In the first draft, simply pen down all your thoughts and make a list of all your achievements. That way, you are less likely to forget something and also, you know exactly what to include. Don’t worry about structuring the personal statement just yet. That will come in when you are working on your second draft. At this time, you just need to put your thoughts and achievements together in such a way that the whole essay flows smoothly from the beginning to the end.

Use The Right Format

The essay style is the most acceptable format, however, if you are more comfortable in another form and if you think that is better suited for you, you can always do it your personal way. While writing the personal statement, you need to follow a pattern which will ensure that everything is included but it is not jumbled up.

The best way is to start with writing about what courses and subjects you want to take at the university. This will determine whether you are suited to the courses offered and whether the admissions committee will go through the rest of your essay or not.

Follow this up with information about your personal achievements, grades, extra-curricular activities and anything else that you would like the admissions authorities to know about you. This will help them form an opinion about you as a person and whether your aspirations go along with your achievements so you need to be extra careful about what you mention.

In the last section include all other information which may not be directly relevant to your course but demonstrates your competencies and tells them a little about your transferable skills that you will be taking into the profession with you.

Remember to keep the last paragraph of your personal statement as riveting as the beginning. This is the impression that the admission committee will be left with after reading through your essay and how you end it will determine whether they will remember you or not.

3 Things To Be Careful About When Writing Your Personal Statement

First of all, never copy a statement directly from the internet and never lie in your statement. If the way your statement is worded arouses their suspicions, the university will cross check using anti plagiarism software to detect copying.

1. Do not make false claims in your statement. Over exaggerating your achievements will make the school expect a lot more from you and you may not live up to those expectations in reality.

2. Keep it simple. Adding quotes and flowery language makes you seem cliché and don’t ever try to joke around in the statement. You don’t know who will be going through your statement and they may not appreciate your sense of humor.

3. Finally, don’t forget to check and recheck your essay several times for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before you submit it to any medical school along with your application.