Alternative Medicine: An Overview Part Five

May 23, 2014

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An Overview of Alternative Medicine: Part Five

Blood Pressure in Tanzania Holistic Dentistry

This form of dentistry is practiced by those dentists who believe in curing tooth problems using natural remedies as much as possible and avoiding silver and mercury fillings. This dentistry makes use of various natural treatments like homeopathy, naturopathy, acupressure etc. in order to cure tooth and gum problems.


This Chinese technique promotes healing by applying suctions to parts of the body that are diseased. It is believed that this suction helps to increase circulation in the body. A glass made from ceramic or bamboo is used for this purpose.

Feldenkrais Method

This method is targeted at people who are already healthy but want to improve their flexibility, stamina or any other kind of thought processes. This method uses neuromuscular learning which helps people reach their highest potential in sports and other physical activities.

Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is a manual procedure which helps to remove distortions that may occur between the brain and spinal cord, the bones and skull and other membranes which are interconnected. It is often used to treat TMJ, migraines, headaches and other chronic disorders.


It is basically a study of how the human body works while in motion. This therapy observes people in various disciplines and fields at various stages of their lives and careers and it tracks the movements of the people along with the possible effects which these movements have on the human body.

Osteopathic Medicine

This treatment provides the patient with overall healthcare for all parts of the body. It also pays special attention to the bones and joints of the body and uses manipulative treatments to diagnose and treat various ailments and illnesses.


Unani is an alternative remedy which uses mixtures of plants and herbs in order to treat a number of diseases including jaundice, sinusitis, elephantiasis etc.

Chelation Therapy

Here, synthetic amino acid injections are given to a person in order to detoxify the body. This intravenous form of medication helps to target specific areas in the body which are suffering from diseases and clean those organs with the amino acids. These injections are usually given at a doctor’s office.

Pyramid Healing

This form of alternate remedy believes that the energy in all living beings can be tapped in the form of a pyramid. Different practitioners follow different techniques of this remedy, right from holding pyramid shapes in the palm to combining this technique with other remedies.

Sound Therapy

This therapy uses various sounds and music which transmit sound waves to the ears and help in healing and calming of the mental state of a person. This therapy tackles emotional problems more than physical ailments. It helps with concentration, focus, better memory, reduces fatigue and often helps to achieve better co-ordination and balance of the mind.

Holistic Therapy

This form of therapy is an alternate way of living. It uses a combination of various natural remedies which are available and combines them with exercise and meditation. It also focuses on a healthy lifestyle including dietary measures and healthy habits which can be incorporated in day-to-day life.