Alternative Medicine: An Overview Part Four

May 23, 2014

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An Overview of Alternative Medicine: Part Four


Surgical scrubs in Tanzania This system goes a little beyond traditional Shiatsu since it also incorporates various meditation techniques, exercises and lifestyle choices. During the process of Ohashiatsu, the practitioner feels the ‘hara’ of a person, which is the part that is located below the naval area. Once this is done, the practitioner can determine the problems suffered by the person and through a lot of stretching and applications of pressure to certain points, the practitioner works in tune with the breathing of the person to get rid of any illness.

Chiropractic Therapy

In this therapy, the spine of the person is considered to be the centre of health in the human body. Application of pressure at certain points and through various ways of manipulations of certain parts of the spine, a person is treated so that the spine is aligned properly. This is supposed to keep the rest of the body healthy and free from pain.


A little like chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy works to align the whole body properly so that all the vital organs function well. It uses physical manipulation and massage and sometimes also makes use of naturopathy in order to get rid of health problems.


This form of remedy believes that specific points on the hands and feet are connected to various parts of the body. The practitioner thus uses physical pressure with the thumbs and fingers in order to treat various problems in the tissues, organs and muscles by applying pressure on these contact points on the hands and feet.

Wellness Restoration

This is often used in order to help people increase the muscle mass in their body. It is a comprehensive combination of strength and weight training along with nutritional advice and intake of supplements.

Alexander Technique

This is more of a way of living than a form of medication. The technique teaches us how to give up bad habits in daily life and instead make small changes in our daily activities which help to improve balance, give us better movement and provide better support to the body etc. It is also useful for learning how to divide energy equally into various activities.

Cellular Therapy

Known by a number of different names, this form of therapy is done by injecting live cells from organs, embryos or foetuses into the body. It is said that the cells multiply in the body and help to fight off illness as well as improve the various organs and functioning of the body.


This method is used to get rid of any faecal matter in the large intestine or detoxify it. It uses filtered and sanitized water to gently wash the whole intestine with a slight pressure.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Similar to colonics, the lymphatic vessels are drained during this process in order to improve circulation within the body.