Benefits Of Overseas Medical Placements With A Focus On Midwife Shadowing

May 29, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Benefits Of Overseas Medical Placements With A Focus On Midwife Shadowing

Student With Locals in Iringa A career as a midwife may sound very appealing to students who want to get into the medical field but do not want to spend a number of years getting through medical school. However, that does not mean midwifery is any less competitive or challenging as a profession. Being a midwife can be just as demanding as any other healthcare specialty and you will need to complete a three-year, full-time degree program and receive certification from a recognised body before you can start practicing. If you are contemplating a career as a midwife, it is important that you are absolutely sure that it is the right one for you. The best way to figure out whether this is a right fit before you actually labour through three years of intensive coursework is to consider registering for a placement that focuses on midwifery.

Why Not Midwife Shadowing in Australia?

Although midwife shadowing in Australia may sound like a more convenient and easier solution for getting crucial clinical experience as a midwife, you will find that it is not easy to get the opportunity to do so. Midwife shadowing in Australia is riddled with legal obstacles and most healthcare establishments are hesitant to take on that risk. Very few hospitals encourage the practice but they are often booked several months in advance. Unless you’ve applied way in advance, this could mean waiting and wasting precious time.

Explore Overseas Midwife Placements

If you are unsure about travelling to a developing country to get a firsthand look at midwifery, here are a few facts that will help you make an informed decision:

– Hospitals in underdeveloped countries are usually short staffed and need all the help they can get. This means that you will be given a lot more hands-on responsibility that goes way beyond just observing from afar.

– The maternal and neonatal diseases and illnesses that you will come across will open your eyes to the kind of problems that people face in lesser developed countries in the world. These issues are not even remotely similar to the issues pregnant women and newborn babies face in developed countries.

– You will learn how to handle challenging health problems with minimum technology since these countries do not have access to top technology. This itself will give you tremendous training and practical experience along with valuable insight into your own strengths and core resilience as a doctor.

Planning Your Trip

If your biggest hesitation about an overseas placement stems from concerns about how, when or where to organise a placement along with all of the travel and staying arrangements, Gap Medics has a solution for that. Gap Medics offers placements in Chiang Mai and Tanzania and helps you plan your entire trip, right from visas and travel formalities to accommodation at your destination All three placement destinations offer valuable midwifery clinical experience and Gap Medics ensures that you get a professional experience throughout.