Do An International Public Health Course At University Of Sydney School Of Public Health

June 3, 2014

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Do An International Public Health Course At University Of Sydney School Of Public Health

A degree in International Public Health is your stepping stone to making a tremendous difference in underserved and needy communities across the world, from countries in Africa and Asia to the Pacific and Latin America. 

The International Public Health program at the Sydney School of Public Health is designed to train public health professionals to provide care in some of the most challenging and demanding conditions. During the course you will learn skills and knowledge that will equip you to:

– Have a direct impact on the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities

– Deliver effective healthcare programs in countries that are struggling with limited infrastructure

– Develop customised programs that are sensitive to the religious and cultural beliefs of the local people

You will learn to plan, manage, co-ordinate and review various public health programs that are developed by various international agencies as well as public and private health care service providers working in the developing world.

Key Features of the International Public Health program at the Sydney School of Public Health

Group shot before surgery at Morogoro Regional! All programs at the Sydney School of Public Health are targeted at developing countries so you get an in-depth knowledge of key healthcare issues in these countries. These courses are perfect for those who wish to work in developing countries or resource-poor settings.

All of the teaching staff at the institute have had extensive experience working in third world countries so their teaching is based on real world experiences rather than just theoretical knowledge. Students too are accepted from all over the world giving the classroom cohort a truly global perspective on the core issues facing developing countries.

The school offers students the opportunity to undertake a placement in several South East Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Timor Leste and the Philippines, where students work on practical projects with local healthcare organisations. These placements help underpin what you have learned in the classroom and allow you to apply your skills and knowledge in practical situations.

You Can Customise Your Study Program

Another advantage of the program is that it offers a large number of electives along with the option of flexible study. Students can complete the coursework degree either in class, online or a combination of both. This means students can tailor the program to suit their individual needs and personal commitments.

Students can also choose to study the entire Master program online.

The school also offers options for research degrees. To complete a research degree, you will have to conduct, research and write under the supervision of an academic from the School of Public Health. Before you apply you will have to find a supervisor and write your two-page research proposal.

Job Opportunities As An International Public Health Professional

The training you obtain in your study program will prepare you for employment with some of the most reputed international health care organisations including the WHO, various national governments and locally funded healthcare agencies and AusAID, which is Australia’s international aid agency.

Application Process

To apply, you must first select a program and then apply for a place in that program. Your choice is between coursework programs, research degrees or professional development short courses. All applications have to be submitted online.