Thinking Of Applying To Medical School In The United States?

June 13, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Things To Consider Before You Apply To Medical School In The United States

Gap Medics students with their mentor inTanzania.jpg The U.S. has an enviable education system and several of their medical schools enjoy a stellar reputation all over the world. Graduating from one of these schools can give a medical student a huge career boost. Gaining admission, however, is not easy and as you will find out, professional colleges in the U.S. can be more expensive than you would imagine. Moreover all of these schools can be highly competitive and some may not actually be the right fit for you. Before you spend a whole lot of time sending across your applications, it is advisable to spend some time learning more about the different medical schools in the U.S. and exploring your options so that you are not disappointed.

Explore Your Schooling Options

If you are planning to travel such a long distance for your education, it is absolutely imperative that you enrol in a school that is the best fit for your goals and offers you what you are looking for. Check out the websites of every school and browse through the details of the various courses they offer. Do they offer a specialization that you are interested in? If Global Public Health is your area of interest, you do not want to enrol in a school that does not offer this specialty as an option. If you have any questions that you cannot find answers to online, get in contact with that particular school. All schools that accept international applications will always take the time to reply.

Take Stock Of The Application Requirements

International students will have more procedures to go through compared to applicants who are U.S. citizens so make sure you check the correct section of that particular school. Additionally, every school will have different requirements, which again may be different from that of Australian medical schools so do not take anything for granted. Before submitting your documents, check and re-check that you have got it right.  

As a general rule, you will need to send in your academic transcripts and degree certificates along with other listed documents. You will also have to sit an entrance exam which is required by all medical colleges in the U.S.

Depending on the school, you may or may not be required to send in a language proficiency test. Some schools could also ask for your financial status in order to determine whether you will be able to cover your expenses there.

Keep in mind, despite the additional documentation and formalities you may have to go through, you will still be considered on par with American applicants when it comes time for student selection.

Find Out About Getting A Student Visa

Every student who goes to study in America needs a special student visa. You have to remember to apply for this visa well in advance. More often than not it takes a significant amount of time for a student visa to be granted. Go through the embassy websites and find out what documents need to be submitted and what the cost of a student visa is. All of this can add up considerably!

Calculate The Medical School Fees Plus Total Expenses Involved

Education is expensive in the U.S. and medical school tuition fees can be extremely high. Go through all the tuition costs of various schools and see if you can realistically afford it. Remember you have to consider your total expenses in addition to fees. Your expenses will also include the cost of travelling and living in a foreign country. Even before you go there, you will also have to pay your application fees as well as the fees for the relevant entrance tests which are necessary. Calculate all the costs necessary and then decide if you can afford it.