Explore Different Opportunities When Venturing Into The World Of Nursing

July 17, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Over the past few years, a whole new world has opened up for those who are considering a career in nursing. While you may find the image of a traditional nurse appealing, the difference is that today you are not limited to that role. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of specialties that were previously unheard of.

Here are a few uncommon and interesting fields you can consider when venturing into the world of nursing.

A long day at the hospital comes to an end! Emergency Room Nursing

Across the world, ER departments tend to be short staffed and are always in urgent need of trained nurses to deal with the continuous stream of emergency admissions. Some facilities are dealing with such an acute shortage of ER nurses, they are even willing to hire newly graduated nurses and train them on the job. You should know though that working in the ER is not for everyone. ER nursing is unpredictable and dynamic, with the scenario changing by the minute. You need to be able to make split-second life-or-death decisions under the most stressful conditions and should be able to care for patients of all ages and in all conditions. You must be able to multi-task efficiently and keep your composure in the face of any trauma that you encounter on your shift.

Travel Nursing

Facilities that find themselves short staffed often look to travel nurses to fill in at short notice. For Registered Nurses who don’t mind a little time away from home, this is a great opportunity to make some money while also getting to travel to different countries. Each contract can last anywhere from 3 months to a year. When the term of employment ends, travel nurses then head to another facility that is short staffed and that could be anywhere in the world. Different facilities and different specialties may require certain specific educational qualifications and experience levels.

Mental Health Nursing

If you are interested in behavioural health fields, you can find plenty of opportunities in a variety of mental health care positions. Registered Nurses who specialise in mental health may work with people of all ages who may be suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. Depending on the facility they may work with substance abusers or help children and adolescents deal with emotional issues. RNs with more advanced degrees may be qualified to make psychiatric health diagnoses.

Shipboard Nursing

You can take your nursing skills to a completely new level when you join a cruise ship as part of its medical team. In this role, not only will you help care for the passengers, but you will be part of the medical team that oversees the health and safety of the cruise ship’s staff. Shipboard nurses provide modern medical care with limited resources to patients of all ages from around the world.

This is only a snapshot of the many different types of opportunities available to nurses if you are looking for something that’s different from traditional nursing.