Nursing certifications: home health and hospice

August 4, 2014

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The healthcare system has been booming for a number of years now and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Due to the increasing need for specialised nurses to support medical facilities, a number of opportunities have been provided for nurses so that they can train in a specific specialty and grow in their career. These opportunities allow nurses to get certified in various specialisations and gain a lot of knowledge in various specific fields of medicine. Not only are the certifications good for personal growth, they are also often used as a factor to determine promotions and salary increases as well.

Fortunately, for nurses who are looking at gaining a specialisation in a particular field, there are several options to choose from. The demand in the two following specialisations is growing at a phenomenal rate with no slowdown in sight.

With one of the newborns Home Health Nurses

A lot of people need continual care that goes beyond temporary hospital treatment. This is where the services of a home health nurse come into play. A home health nurse takes on the job of travelling to the person’s home and providing them with the necessary care and treatment within their home. The nurses provide basic treatment to the patients including administering medicines, checking their blood pressure and care for wounds amongst others. In some cases, they may have to operate ventilators or make use of other hospital equipment. Because home health nurses typically work independently, it is essential that the nurse knows how to operate all kinds of machinery necessary and take care of the patient without any help.

This form of nursing is gaining popularity because a number of people prefer to be treated in their own homes instead of having to stay at hospitals for a long period of time. Those who prefer house visits also pay a lot more for this treatment so these nurses are usually well paid.

Hospice Nurses

A hospice nurse works with patients who are nearing death. They administer the necessary medication to patients to help them deal with the pain better and provide much-needed comfort and care during a very difficult time as most of these patients are aware of their impending death. Empathy is a crucial trait for anyone considering pursuing this specialty. In addition to caring for their patients, these professionals also help families deal with the emotional and physical aspects of the impending death of their loved one. Hospice nurses are expert communicators and also have specialised knowledge of medications that can help manage the pain and other debilitating symptoms.

Requirements for Certification

Home health nurses and hospice nurses need to have good communication and people skills as understanding the patient’s needs lies at the core of being able to provide the necessary care. In order to get certified for both these specialisations, you will need to have a number of years of work experience in the field. Ongoing continuing education is necessary for continued certification.