Exploring Nursing Specialties: What’s Your Area Of Interest?

August 19, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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A career in nursing offers several benefits, one of which is the sheer diversity of specialties. What this means is, when you opt for a nursing career, you can choose a specialty that best suits your strengths and your areas of interest. Whether you want to travel abroad, work in a hospital setting or care for patients in a particular group, you have the option to choose a specialty area closest to your heart. Considering the nature of nursing, this can be a crucial factor in determining how much you are going to enjoy your job.

Take a look at some of the specialties within nursing that you can choose from. Each of these specialties requires a different skill set and plays to different areas of interest.

Join our pre-midwifery program in Tanzania! Neonatal Nursing

Supporting the unique health and medical needs of newborns require highly specialised training and experience. In addition to supporting the individual care plan of infants in their charge, neonatal nurses also play an important role in parent education and training. Because many newborns with health complications require ongoing medical care, these professionals provide a compassionate bridge for parents who may at first struggle with the complexities of caring for a newborn with health challenges.

This is a specialty that can be heartbreaking and rewarding in equal measures as you could often find yourself caring for tiny babies fighting for their lives. However, the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’ve saved a newborn’s life is unparalleled. 

Emergency And Trauma Nursing

Registered nurses who are interested in emergency and trauma nursing undergo specialised training that prepares them to handle chaotic situations with compassion and calm professionalism. Some emergency nurses acquire additional certifications in areas such as paediatric nursing, diving medicine or life-flight care.

Having the right personality to make critical decisions and handle high stress situations is essential for success in this fast-paced specialty area.

Medical-Surgical Nursing

Medical surgical nurses support surgeons in the operating room and provide patients with post-surgery care. Assisting surgeons in today’s high-tech operating rooms means that medical-surgical nurses need to have a thorough understanding of the technological advancements inherent to 21st century surgical medicine. Ongoing training is essential in this specialty area, which can have an intense environment and exposure to consistent high stress situations.

This is an excellent field for someone who has a great love for learning and is especially interested in learning about new surgical techniques.  

Paediatric Nursing

This fast-paced specialty area requires a personality that can put patients and their caregivers at ease and offers many opportunities to develop long lasting relationships with young patients and growing families.

Paediatric nursing is great for nurses who enjoy working with infants and young children.

Dialysis Nursing

Dialysis nurses are responsible for monitoring, medicating, educating and supporting their patients through every step of dialysis. These nursing professionals have an in-depth understanding of kidney disease and are specialists in offering their patients the best care during their dialysis treatment.  They help patients make important lifestyle choices and changes that can help manage kidney disease. Dialysis is administered in hospitals, patients’ homes and independent clinics, so the work environment for this specialty will vary. This specialty is growing primarily due to the growing elderly population.