Do Nurses Need To Network?

August 22, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Perhaps networking is not really one of your strengths but the fact that it is not a strong point of yours does not really bother you. You know your job well and you’re confident in your nursing abilities, so why bother to make the effort to network? There are several reasons really. For one thing, networking can help you advance in your profession. Take a look at some of the reasons why it is advisable for nurses to network.

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More than ¾th of the openings that are available are not advertised. This could be because the employers do not want to waste time and money on advertising or because they prefer to hire someone by word of mouth. This means that the jobs are kept within the network of nurses and the positions are filled up by nurses who know these nurses. So you need to get into that circle where someone will think of letting you know if there is a job opening that may be suitable for your qualifications.

Networking Can Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

Even if the employer does advertise an opening, if you know people in the field who can give you a good referral, it highly increases your chances of getting a job. Employers find it easier if the person applying has been vouched for by someone who they trust. This means that if your networking is good, you can ask someone to put in a few good words for you and it will help you during your interviews.

The Best Way to Get a Heads-Up

You can only be told about jobs if people know that you are looking for jobs. Even though some people may feel bad when they are laid off or embarrassed about being unemployed, it is important to push this feeling away and let everyone know that you are on the market for a new job. Only then will they think of you when a colleague tells them about an opening in their department. If you stop networking at this stage because you are embarrassed, you will be left sitting at home and applying on websites to random ads where potential employers will take much longer to get back to you.

How To Get Started

Networking can be very difficult for those who are not naturally outgoing. But you need to start somewhere. First, stop thinking that you shouldn’t ask people for favors. You’ll just be left behind while everyone moves ahead. Next, even when you feel shy and nervous, push the feeling away, square your shoulders and concentrate on getting to know people better. You can start easy by building a rapport your co-workers and other employees at places where you intern or volunteer. The internet is also a great way to network for people who are shy during a face to face conversation. Use websites like LinkedIn to connect to old professors, classmates from nursing school and others in the nursing field. Networking gets easier and becomes second nature after you’ve been at it for a while.