Genetics Nursing

August 22, 2014

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Nurses who specialise in genetics help individuals understand the genetic component of disease and illness. They help families better understand the genetic implications of disease and provide education and ongoing support for families dealing with health challenges that are genetic in origin. These professionals may assist in analysis of genetic data, family risk assessment or in the research of a particular disorder or disease.

A love for research is a prerequisite for this specialty.

Students gear up for observation in the surgery department Occupational Health Nursing

Occupational health nurses are hired by organisations to evaluate potential risks in the workplace and develop appropriate plans of action to reduce the probability of workplace injury. Some nurses in this specialty area provide education to workers over crucial workplace issues such as reducing problems caused due to repetitive motion injury. Other occupational health nurses work in public health policy to establish guidelines aimed at protecting the health of workers across industry.

Nursing Management

Nurse management specialists play a vital role in creating a stronger healthcare system. With the growing number of nurses entering the profession, strong leaders are needed to support a well-prepared workforce dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. A nurse management leader plays several different roles Some of their diverse duties include reviewing records and updating technology, managing a team of nurses in a specific department, working with other healthcare leaders to streamline established protocol and arranging on-going training opportunities for other nurses.

To succeed in this specialty, having strong leadership qualities is important.

Legal Nursing

Legal nurses may review policies and standards of care to ensure that they are compliant with existing laws. They are usually called on to prepare depositions and review medical records. Legal nurse consultants may also prepare arguments for use in court or help prepare other medical professionals for a court appearance.

Having a strong nursing background as well as thorough legal knowledge is imperative for those wishing to secure career longevity in this area. Legal nursing requires additional legal training for nurses who wish to consult as a liaison with legal teams.

Obstetrical Nursing

Obstetrical nurses evaluate and implement care plans for women through all stages of pregnancy. They play a vital role assisting in birth and caring for women after delivery. Some nurses additionally seek complementary specialisations in other niche areas such as neonatal care or labour and delivery.

Nurses who enjoy working with expectant mothers can choose to undergo specialised training in this field.

Mental Health Or Psychiatric Nursing

From offering counsel and support and helping patients work on other treatment goals, to administering medicine, psychiatric nurses provide an invaluable service to those struggling with mental health issues. Mental health nurses may work in out-patient facilities as well as residential facilities where they build long-term relationships with their patients.

Nurses who find psychology interesting and enjoy working in the mental health field may gravitate toward a career in mental health or psychiatric nursing.