Nursing Informatics

August 22, 2014

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Nurses in this specialty help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic medical record keeping. Some of their job duties include coordinating patient records, preparing reports and training other nurses on new technology. Nursing Informatics specialists serve on governance boards also consult on health policy issues.

Nursing informatics specialists are in great demand. This specialty is well suited for those who enjoy working with data communication and electronic file management systems.

A student taking a patient's blood pressure in a Tanzanian hospital. Advanced Practice Registered Nursing

Advanced practice nurses complete a master’s degree program and acquire a variety of skills and knowledge required for advanced clinical practice. The rigorous training that they undergo is what sets them apart from other registered nurses. Advanced practice nurses work in a variety of advanced roles including nurse anaesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners.  They play a more active and central role in direct patient diagnosis and treatment.

This is a great option for anyone who thrives in leadership roles and is willing to study some more to achieve this.

Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses are typically assigned to a specific group of patients, such as those with heart problems, cancer or HIV/AIDS, or to a specific age group. As a case management nurse, you would be responsible for coordinating long-term care for patients, with the goal of developing a treatment plan that keeps your patient’s health as stable as possible while helping them stay out of the hospital.  To land a job in this specialty, you will need an ASN or BSN degree and a Case Management Nurse Certification in addition to documented experience working as an RN and completing continuing education classes.

This job involves monitoring your patients regularly and changing their care plan according to their progress.


Assisting in the birth of babies can be both exciting and challenging. As a nurse midwife, you would be responsible for helping with the birthing process as well as providing education and long term support to women from the time of gestation to birth. In addition to intense clinical training, a nurse midwife must also complete a considerable amount of hours of practical training before working on their own.  

For someone who is excited about the miracle of birth, there is no better specialty than this.

Oncology Nursing

Oncology nursing involves working with cancer patients and their families. While some oncology nurses may choose to specialise in diagnostics and treatments, others may choose to work with families as health educators or home health nurses. There are several different areas in this specialty from nuclear medicine to palliative care.

Caring for cancer patients can be emotionally draining, particularly if you are caring for a patient with advanced symptoms. It takes a special kind of personality to be able to work in this specialty without letting it get to them.