Why choose a career in public health? 10 good reasons why

August 28, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Students with some children from orphanage The field of public health field is growing rapidly. More people than ever before are choosing to start their careers in this specialty because of the tremendous growth potential and the many benefits that it offers them. There are plenty of reasons, ranging from the most simple to the most profound, as to why a public health career is well worth it.

Here are a few great benefits of pursuing a career in this field:

1. Job Growth & Job Security – With the world becoming a smaller place, the field of public health is seeing unprecedented growth and demand for workers in this field is projected to grow phenomenally. That means finding employment will not be a problem. Ample job opportunities also mean better job security.  Knowing that you have a stable career translates to reduced stress and a career in public health does this perfectly. 

2. Plenty of Opportunities to Diversify Or Specialise – When you enter the public health field you will have the opportunity to work in diverse roles in numerous areas, all around the nation. Depending on your personal preference and your professional goals, you can choose to diversify your career or you could choose to master a specific area of study and focus all of your efforts on it. This will help enhance your overall abilities and your career as a whole.

3. Numerous Opportunities to Improve Communities Locally, Nationally or Globally – Is the health of your local community of particular concern to you or would you like expand your expertise to improving national or global health? Whatever your preference, there is plenty of scope. Entering the public health domain lets you have an impact on several different levels locally and nationally and at the international level you can play an instrumental role in improving the health of third world countries or even the whole world. 

4. Professional Benefits & Personal Satisfaction – Most jobs in the public health field provide plenty of perks in terms of insurance and other career benefits that most people want and need. On a personal level, knowing that you’ve had an impact on the health of not just one person but a whole community or communities can fill you with a sense of immense pride and personal satisfaction.

5. You Get To Enjoy The Perks Of Travel – For anyone who looks forward to travelling around the world, no other medical field offers as many opportunities as public health. Working at improving global health involves travelling around the world in most cases. This means experiencing different cultures and cuisines as well as the unparalleled opportunity to work alongside medical professionals from different parts of the world. All of this can translate to immense professional and personal growth that would not be possible in most other fields. 

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