Five lesser-known nursing specialisations

September 1, 2014

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For most people, the first thought that comes to mind when they think about nursing is a position in a hospital or a private clinic. For others it may extend a little further to nursing homes, clinics and private home care. While nursing may have been restricted to those roles till a few years ago, in recent years there has been an explosion of unique nursing specialisations that are not commonly heard about. They exist however and make for interesting options if you are looking for an unusual career choice. Here are just 5 of many lesser known nursing specialisations.

Drug-Endangered Children’s Nurse

Drug-endangered children’s nurses form a critical component of the foster care system, providing much-needed medical, physical and emotional support to children who come from drug-abused. Drug-endangered children’s nurses help in the mental and emotional healing process and they also help find stable foster homes for these children.

Critical Care Flight Nurse

Critical care flight nurses travel to far-off places in helicopters to help people in remote areas. These nurses give the patient immediate medical attention and help to stabilise the patients in-flight while they are being transferred to a proper medical facility. Being physically fit is an important factor for critical care flight nurses as they may have to travel to distant areas that are not easily accessible and they may need to walk long distances to get there. Since this kind of job usually deals with critical care, nurses who are hired for these positions must have work experience in a trauma ER. Additional Life Support certifications are an added asset.

Medical Aesthetics Nurse

Nurses who specialise in medical aesthetics work in the beauty industry. They usually assist doctors with surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments. This may include treatments like Botox, chemical peels and microdermabrasion amongst others. A lot of nurses are hired by private spas, plastic surgeons and other facilities that deal with beauty treatments. With the high value placed on younger-looking bodies, the demand in this specialty is always high.

Forensic Nurse

Getting into the forensic field may not be as cool as it looks on television. However, forensic teams do often need nurses as a part of their team in order to collect crucial evidence from victims, especially in cases involving physical abuse and sexual assault. In addition to collecting samples, forensic nurses also take essential photographs, measure wounds and develop detailed reports of their findings.

Prison Hospice Nurse

Prisons need nurses to take care of the inmates. In fact, nurses form a significant part of the prison system since they are required to tend to the medical needs of all the prisoners. Nurses come across a wide range of illnesses and injuries among prisoners and these are often worsened by the lack of proper medical facilities. In addition, nurses provide much-needed emotional support to inmates who are serving out life sentences. In certain prisons, prison hospice nurses also help impart hospice training to inmates who want to train as volunteer nurses.