Public health offers a wide range of specialty areas

September 4, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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With a Masters in Public Health, you have the option of choosing from a wide range of specialties that provide plenty of room for advancement within each sub-specialty. Here are some of the specialty areas that you can work in within public health. 

Ready for surgery at Iringa Regional Biomedical scientist

As a biomedical scientist you would focus on looking for cures for diseases and discovering solutions that impact the health of millions of people.



One of the most important duties of this specialist involves setting up clinical trials in order to study infectious diseases and health conditions. The research may be focused in certain areas or among those who have specific conditions.



As a biostatistician in public health, you may work in research, industry or an academic setting. Biostatisticians must be knowledgeable in a wide range of topics, including spread of disease and clinical trials.


Environmental health scientist

This public health specialty involves addressing hazard in the air, land or water and how these may affect the populace and the environment. As an environmental health scientist, you may work as a consultant to large medical centres, industrial corporations or government agencies. A large part of your responsibilities would include investigating risks related to toxic substances or waste.


International healthcare worker 

Anyone interested in a career as an international healthcare worker must be familiar with situations in developing countries and have the knowledge and expertise to implement plans that will reduce health hazards.


Health policy associate

As a health policy associate you would be responsible for analysing reports of health situations in developing countries, conducting your own research into the situation and drafting presentations to the authorities who make global policy decisions about public health issues.


Healthcare administrator 

As a healthcare administrator you could work for a private company or a non-profit organisation. Strong leadership skills and previous experience in administration are essential prerequisites for this role.  


Private health consultant 

With a Masters in Public Health, you can open your own practice as a private consultant where you would help private corporations of governments in assessing health hazards to employees.


Infectious disease specialist

An infectious disease specialist monitors the spread of infectious diseases in local communities or global regions. These specialists may work for health organisations, in hospitals or other healthcare facilities.


Public health practitioner 

A public health practitioner may work for an international health organisation or in a local community. With a Masters in Public Health, you could work in research, be a nursing specialist, a policy analyst or work in rehabilitation.


Public health educator 

The primary responsibility of a public health educator may lie in educating people in developing countries about health issues and the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. Writing grants and organising outreach programs locally and globally are also part of the task.



As a nutritionist you have several options open to you. You may choose to work in a hospital, a doctor’s clinic or a private healthcare facility.


Nutrition technical advisor 

Nutrition technical advisors use their expertise to help organisations to develop and implement policies that ensure that basic health standards are met. These professionals work primarily in developing third-world countries.


Water quality planner 

Water quality planners are often hired by governments to ensure that standards are maintained and water supplies are safe to be consumed.