Should medical students be encouraged to blog?

September 4, 2014

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Gap Medics students getting excited for their hospital placements!Medical students typically have more than enough on their plate – from attending classes, working on assignments and getting essential clinical experience to catching up with family and friends as well as some much-needed sleep. Should anyone even suggest blogging? Even to think of taking a little time out of this hectic schedule to maintain a blog sounds like a herculean task. But, however impossible or difficult this may seem, when done right, blogging can actually offer a host of benefits to medical students. It takes only an hour or so out of a week and it can help you in a number of ways.


Blogging helps you connect with a global community

Students are full of ideas and they absorb a lot of information. Blogging while you are at medical school helps you put your brilliant ideas out to the public. It is a great platform to invite people to share their views and opinions with you. Not only can you share what you know with the world but you can also learn a lot from other like-minded people. Once you start to blog, you automatically become part of a community of like-minded people from all over the world. You are not just restricted to the opinions of those around you. These global communities can be fantastic sources of information and provide unusual insights that can help enrich your life on a personal and professional level.

It’s a great platform for self-reflection

Blogging works like an online diary. This is where you can write about everything you feel, your experiences in medical school, your research about a certain topic or your favourite subject. Once you have blogged about something, it gets stored collectively and you will have a virtual diary full of medical school memories. It is a great place for self-reflection. You will always have this diary to go back to and look at. Not only will it help you discover yourself but it is also great for the future when you want to check back and go through your med school life. Self-reflection is now a very common tool used by a lot of big companies in order to encourage their employees to look at their lives and work on specific areas. Here, you will have your own self-made, self-reflection diary.

It works as a useful guide for new med students

Just like your blog acts as a diary for you, it can act as a guidebook for others. Your blog can give tips to those who may be considering medical school. Lots of new students can read it to know what to expect in their next few years at school. It may even help kids to decide on whether medicine will be right for them or not. Remember that your personal experiences will work as stories for other people. These stories can inspire them or teach them a thing or two about medical school.

The best part about an online blog is that there are no rules. You can focus your blog exactly the way you want to and decide on the target audience according to your wish. You will also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to frequency of posts, types of content and the kind of writing style that you prefer.

Caveats to blogging as a medical student

There is a caveat to blogging as a medical student – always remember, the key to reaping the rewards of blogging lies in doing it right. Never post anything negative about your school, your colleagues or the medical profession in general as chances are, any unsavoury comments you post now will come back to haunt you later on.