Non-clinical career opportunities for medical students – Part 2

September 24, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Medical sales

A medical sales representative is the main link between medical professionals and the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry. They liaise between pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies and hospitals, clinics, doctors and the entire spectrum of medical professionals. Getting into medical sales involves knowing how to market medicines and achieve sales targets that are set by the companies. Your background as a med student will help make it easier for you to understand the different medicines and medical equipment that you will be dealing with. Better understanding means better marketing.

A Gap Medics student checks out some scans in a partner neurological hospital in Thailand Medical photography

Even though this sounds like a complete career change, it is a great opportunity for those who love photography and medicine equally and would ideally want to pursue a career in both fields. Medical photography includes illustration of various medical procedures, medicines and other medical related information that is converted into visual records for medical publications and for the public. This is a highly technical skill and a medical background can help you capture the perfect shot to highlight the desired features.


Medical informatics

This field deals with gathering and storing all kinds of information that is related to healthcare. It uses the latest technology in order to acquire, store and retrieve this information in the best possible manner. Specialists who work in medical informatics have to first assess the needs of the establishment and determine the most efficient method to use for information storage for that particular company.


Medical consultants are experts who go into various healthcare organisations and conduct appraisals of processes or give advice with regard to the development of medical related machinery, technology or other innovations. In order to be a consultant, it is necessary to be an expert in a certain field required by the organisation and it is important to be able to see the broader picture in many situations.

Administration of charities

Roles in charity organisations can be very diverse. While smaller charities may hire one person to do multiple tasks, in larger organisations your role would be more specialised. Professionals with a medical background are in huge demand in medical related organisations and medical research charities.

Pre-medical students in the hospital laboratory Medical scientist

Medical scientists generally work in labs and focus on conducting research in various medical fields.

Medical economics

Professionals in healthcare economics focus on studying the economical aspect of the healthcare system. It involves trying to maximise the cost effectiveness of medicine without compromising on the clinical effectiveness. Their main aim is to obtain the best possible value for money in the medical sector.

Health promotion

Health promotion deals with spreading awareness of health policies and trying to implement them in settings that do not make use of these policies. It aims to help entire communities improve and increase control over their health. To work in health promotion, it is important to first have a deep understanding about how specific policies work and then promote them to the relevant sections of society.