Non-traditional job opportunities for paediatric nurses

September 24, 2014

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Children’s hospitals, paediatric clinics and academic medical centres have been the traditional workplaces for paediatric nurses. But times have changed dramatically and as healthcare has evolved, the opportunities for paediatric nurses have increased manifold. Today, these specialists can be seen in several different types of non-traditional settings. The pay in all of these settings is definitely on the higher side, which is a huge bonus for anyone who loves caring for children.  

Gap Medics student Liam in the pediatric department, Iringa Regional Hospital, Tanzania School nurse

For those who enjoy interacting directly with children and also want to work independently from other nurses and doctors, the role of a school nurse is ideal. As a school nurse your responsibility would include taking care of the basic medical needs of the children in school, diagnosing what the problem is and getting in touch with the child’s parents or the nearest hospitals whenever an emergency arises. Non-academic attributes that are essential in this role include a genuine passion for working with children, immense patience and outstanding communication skills. In your role as school nurse, you will have to deal not only with the children but also with parents, teachers, administrators and other healthcare providers.

Home healthcare

 More and more families prefer that their children be treated at home instead of being confined to a hospital for a major part of their lives in the case of a long-term illness. To make sure that their child gets the best care possible, the parents often hire a qualified and trained home healthcare nurse. Before you become a home healthcare nurse, it is important to have ample experience working in a hospital or any other medical establishment, as you need to be highly skilled to take on this huge responsibility. As a home healthcare nurse, you need to make quick decisions and take actions based solely on your own experience and knowledge without the help of any colleagues or any fancy equipment that you would have had access to in hospitals. This is where extensive knowledge and experience play a huge role.

Lactation consultant

Lactation consultants guide new mothers through the breastfeeding process and offer them advice and motivation on how to bring up their new-borns in the best possible manner. The increasing awareness of the importance of breastfeeding has resulted in a strong demand for lactation consultants. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in caring for mothers and new-borns and who believes in and would like to promote the benefits of breastfeeding.


Protection from child abuse

A number of government and related institutions are committed to protecting children who have suffered from abuse. These institutions need nurses who can care for abused children immediately after any incident and nurse them back to good health over the long term. It’s a wonderful way to care for the most defenceless members of society and help them grow into happy, healthy adults. 


Sleep clinics

A number of children suffer from sleeping disorders, from night terrors to snoring issues. Nurses who work in these clinics work side by side with physicians and try to formulate a plan in order to cure these children. There are a lot of physiological and psychological elements involved in this job.