Tips to help you thrive at your very first nursing job

September 25, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Holding that very first job acceptance letter in your hand can evoke a whole gamut of emotions. You’re excited of course but you are also nervous and somewhat frightened. Will you live up to everyone’s expectations and impress your co-workers or will you fall short? If it’s any consolation, everyone goes through these feelings before they start their first job, no matter which field they choose. So take a deep breath and relax. These few points will help you get started on the right foot.

Stay positive no matter what

One of our students posing with the nursing staff in Chiang Mai Don’t feel disappointed if you do not get the red carpet welcome. When you start work at a new place it’s only natural for everyone to be assessing you and keeping a close eye on you to see how you measure up. Once they see you work and are at the receiving end of your friendliness, they will warm up to you. Give it some time. If you feel a negative vibe around the place, don’t dwell on it too much. You need to remind yourself that you are a nurse and you are here primarily to serve patients. Avoid getting sucked into a negative work environment. Stay away from office gossip and do not complain about your co-workers because it could make you very unpopular. Even if you feel lonely for the first week or so, you will slowly start to make friends.

Put your patients first

More than anything else, always remember that you have become a nurse to care for patients. You have to put your patients above everything else, whether it is hanging out with your co-workers or impressing the senior nurses. Always work hard and provide the best patient care possible. Listen to them and try to keep them comfortable and secure. Patients are usually scared and it is your job to put them at ease and help them out whenever you can. If you do your job well, you will automatically grow into a great nurse. And by doing that, you will be given the best opportunities possible and allowed to advance to great heights.

Learn to blend in

Every work place has a different culture. If you want to get along with people at work, learn their culture and try to adapt to it. This includes their habits, values, ethics and their general work code. The only way you can learn about the work culture is by observing it and then picking up the best values and trying to inculcate them into your work life. If you are confused about something, ask the other nurses so that you know what is right.

Become a team player

Nurses need to be good team players. This means working well with the other nurses, taking responsibility for your work and stepping up when you need to. If you are a good team player, you will be given a lot more responsibility and respect.

Make the most of it

Look up all the work opportunities that are provided by your workplace. For example, some institutions encourage nurses to study further and even provide them with tuition fees for their courses. If that option is available, take advantage of it. Specialising in a field and getting a better degree will always help you and it will open the doors to better positions and better salaries. Start planning your future so that you can work towards your ultimate goal and get there as soon as possible.