The most in demand medical careers

September 26, 2014

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It comes as no surprise that there is a consistent demand for doctors across all specialties and it certainly doesn’t look like things will change any time in the near future. What is surprising though is that a number of non-traditional medical fields have started to grow at an incredible rate and they are doing extremely well. For those who don’t want to get into the regular medical fields, here are some of the current medical careers that are at the top of their game and doing very well.

A Gap Medics student checks out some scans in a partner neurological hospital in Thailand Physical therapists and occupational therapists

Both, physical and occupational therapists work with individuals to help them recover after an accident, disease or illness has left them disabled in some way. Physical therapists focus on helping patients regain movement and manage pain. Occupational therapists help patients overcome their limitations and adapt to their surroundings.



Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists work in dental offices and are in great demand. In addition to conducting oral exams and cleaning teeth, these professionals play a key role in educating patients about the importance and practice of good oral care.

Speech therapists

Audiologists and speech pathologists help those who have a hearing disability or a speech disability. They are required to have a Master’s degree in this field and they are usually employed by hospitals, rehabilitation centres, clinics, schools etc. in order to help people that are coming back from an injury or disorder.

Diagnostic sonographers

Diagnostic sonographers are in charge of the technology that is used in medical institutions to diagnose patients’ problems. The images that are obtained from these machines are then given to the doctors in order to identify the problem the patient suffers from. An associate’s degree in this field is a mandatory qualification to pursue this path.

Nutritionists and dieticians

Both these jobs are pretty similar. Dieticians usually deal with the assessment of food habits and needs of an individual and then formulate meal plans in order to cover the necessary nutrition that is needed by the person. This is based on the theory that a balanced meal can help the wellness and health of the individual. In order to get into this area, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in this field.


Psychiatrists deal with matters of the mind. With the increasing stress and number of problems that people suffer from emotionally and mentally, the need for psychiatrists is increasing in various sectors, from hospitals to work places and even in schools.


Athletic trainers are in great demand, especially in schools and colleges. They work alongside the coaches in order to help prevent injuries and common problems that are experienced by athletes and sports teams. In addition to giving advice on injury prevention they also dispense emergency treatments for injured sports persons.

Physician assistants

These assistants work under a physician and they help the physician by conducting necessary physical examinations, interpreting test results and prescribing medicines for patients.

Biomedical engineers

These specialist engineers usually help in designing new technology and machinery that is used in the medical field. They are in high demand by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical schools.