Everything you need to know about becoming a dentist in Australia – Part 1

October 17, 2014

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Dentistry is a rewarding profession that offers immense job satisfaction along with numerous other perks. Are you considering a career in this field but are not completely sure about it? Below you will find all you need to know about what is involved in a fascinating dental career, helping people in the field of oral health and education.


Detailed dentist job description

A Gap Medics mentor explaining a procedure whilst treating a patient If you’ve never had a cavity or needed to get a tooth extracted, chances are the only reason you would have visited a dentist would be twice a year for your regular oral check-ups or to get your teeth cleaned. But that’s only part of what a dentist does.

A dentist is a highly qualified registered primary healthcare practitioner who specialises in the care of teeth, gums, mouth and oral bone support. Dentists help people maintain and improve their oral health, which in turn helps enhance their appearance and also improves their health and quality of life because of the ability to chew better and thereby get all the nutrients their body needs.


In addition to providing direct dental care, dentists also provide education and instruction aimed at preventing the loss of teeth rather than focusing on repair and restoration of the teeth. Huge strides that have been made in dental technology over the past few years are allowing dentists to offer less painful and more effective treatment to their patients.


Some of the dental services that are provided by a dentist include:



A career in dentistry gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and to own your own dental practice. As an independent entrepreneur, you can set and maintain your own regular hours. The dentist has a legal responsibility to ensure best practice is achieved in all aspects of the dental practice.