Fundraising hints and tips for your Gap Medics trip

October 22, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Students watching the sunset on Gangilonga Rock in Tanzania Have you discovered a Gap Medics trip that is perfect for you? Don’t let the numbers discourage you! As the saying goes ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ – if you have the determination, you can and will find a way to make it all add up.


To get the ball rolling here are a few hints and tips!

Fund raising activities

Cake sale (or even regular cake sales) 

Talk to your teachers or tutors about a cake sale, there is a lot of money to be made from a school or college full of hungry teenagers! Cake sales are easy to set-up and run, it will get people talking about your ambition and will make you a surprising amount of money with very minimal effort.


Sports matches

Get your friends involved! Everyone secretly loves a bit of competition and here’s betting they wouldn’t mind contributing a few pounds for the thrill of a boys v girls football match at your local sports centre!



Do you really need all of those DVD’s, CD’s and board games that have done nothing but gather dust for as long as you can remember, or all the clothes bursting out of your wardrobe? You’ll surprise yourself when you now start to think about all the things you have and never use. This is where a website like eBay comes in handy, or even a good old-fashioned car boot sale.


Baby-sitting and dog walking

Help out friends, family and neighbours by baby sitting or offering to walk the dog. You will find many people keen to take you up on your offer as it benefits them as well! If you can make one or both of these a regular occurrence with just a handful of people, it can provide a steady and reliable source of income that will all add up!

Sponsored hike, bike ride or marathon

If you’re the sporty type, combine this with your fundraising efforts. Is there a local sporting event you can get involved in like a marathon or a bike ride? Gather sponsors through your passion to pursue a career in healthcare. If people are convinced that you are really serious about this and are aware of the benefits an overseas hospital placement will have, they will be more than willing to support you.



In fundraising for your Gap Medics trip, there is no harm in approaching people for donations. What you must always do is make people aware of your goals and how your placement will benefit you. In doing this, you may want to create a fundraising account on a site such as This will give you one easy place to direct people to should they want to make a donation.

Who should you approach for donations?

In approaching teachers and local businesses it would be advisable to do so in a more formal manner than you might do with friends, family and colleagues. Put together a letter detailing your goal, information about what you would be doing on your Gap Medics placement and most importantly, why they should support you. A surprising amount of local businesses may be more willing to help you out than you think! Remember, donating to or funding a good cause reflects well on them as a business and they will be eager to publicise this.

An advantage of a gofundme account is that you can share a link to this via social media sites. This allows you to share this on a large scale with friends and family. You could even ask for donations via this channel as birthday and Christmas gifts.


Master the art of saving


A steady income from a part time job is an advisable way to top up your fund raising efforts. The important thing here is to save as much of this income as you can. Not only will a part time job contribute to your Gap Medics fundraising, you will also gain valuable skills such as communication and teamwork that will benefit you throughout your placement and future medical career.