Everything you need to know about doing an internship with the British Red Cross – Part 1

October 23, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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You can help out at a local orphanage in your free time If you are looking for internship opportunities, whether it is for the purpose of boosting your resume, for honing your medical skills or because you want to give back to society, a good place to start is with the British Red Cross.

What’s unique about the internship scheme offered by the British Red Cross is that they offer an excellent mix of structure and flexibility. This is unlike most of the other charities that either offer positions on an inconsistent basis or offer highly structured, inflexible schemes that run only during certain times of the year making it very difficult for students who may be interested but find it difficult to fit it into their prior scheduled commitments.

With the Red Cross, positions are offered at more or less regular intervals throughout the year. What’s more, all of the internships that are offered are subjected to rigorous quality control so that all interns who avail of these opportunities can expect to receive a consistently high level of experience in that particular field. 


Here are a few things you should know about these internship opportunities and how to apply.


The timeline for applying is flexible

Because the Red Cross offers positions throughout the year, there is no fixed deadline for sending in your application. You can apply any time during the year. You should know though that although the Red Cross hosts internships continuously throughout the year, there are more opportunities available during the summer so if you are working around a schedule and trying to fit in several other opportunities too, this may be the best time to apply.


Eligibility criteria

Internship applications are welcomed from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. While the specific criteria of roles may vary depending on the internship in question, as a rule you will need to meet the minimum criteria requirement, which includes:


Your expected time commitment

The time commitment that is expected from you will vary depending on the internship that you apply for.  As a rule, most of the internships run for about eight to twelve weeks with the standard of three working days a week. Some of the internships run for two to four days a week. Where possible the Red Cross tries to accommodate interns by being flexible about the days worked so that they do not have to compromise or give up their other commitments.  


Look out for Part Two, which will address how to apply for an internship with the British Red Cross and the process you will go through.