Nursing then & now – the new face of nursing – Part 2

October 29, 2014

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Meeting mentors at McCormick hospital in Chiang Mai How technology has changed the way nurses work

Technology has made huge inroads in nursing, which has not only made the job of nurses so much easier but has also freed up more time for nurses to devote to direct patient care. Technology allows these healthcare professionals to measure vital signs faster and more accurately, record patient information more efficiently and administer medications quickly and without any room for error. It also allows nurses to diagnose symptoms and prescribe emergency care from remote locations.  


Breaking the gender barrier: the changing role of men and women in nursing

There was a time when male nurses where simply unheard of. Those days are long gone and although women still outnumber men in this field, it is no longer an exclusively female domain.

The old stereotypes regarding men and women do not apply anymore when it comes to nursing as a career choice. Today men and women are seen as equally capable of handling the physical, emotional and mental demands that are inherent in a career in nursing and neither male nor female nurses face any glass ceiling limitations on where their education can take them in this career.


There are even changes in job demand for nurses

Throughout history there have always been periodic ebbs and flows in the demand for nurses. Today however, with the critical shortage of nurses around the world, the demand for nursing professionals is greater than ever before. This applies to all nursing specialties, from home healthcare nurses to transplant nurses and public healthcare nurses.


Changes in the earning potential of nurses

As with any other profession, the earning potential of nurses is directly proportional to the demand for nurses and with the demand hugely outstripping the availability of qualified nurses, salaries in nursing have gone up astronomically. This is great news for students who are considering entering the field today. Even better is the projection that with the ageing of the population and people living longer lives, the demand is expected to keep growing over the next few years. This means long-term job security and higher salaries too.


Lastly, an interesting look at the change in nurses’ uniforms

Till about the 1960s, nurses still wore the traditional uniforms – white knee-length dresses, white stockings and that trademark white pillbox hat. You will rarely, if ever see that today. Nurses today generally wear more user-friendly scrub suits, which are designed to be functional without compromising on comfort or style. The suits are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and styles. This is great news for nurses who can now look good and feel great on the job, which is so important considering the long hours involved.

Despite all of these changes, one thing has not changed and is not likely to change any time in the near future – nurses have always been and will continue to be the heart and soul of medical institutions around the world.