Organizations and associations for pre-dental students

October 29, 2014

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A pre-dentistry student on her dentistry work experience placement in Tanzania If you are an aspiring dentist, you will come across several organizations concerned with the education of future dental professionals. In addition to offering services that can help you throughout your education, these organizations often facilitate opportunities for mentorship, career development, and continuing education.


Below, you can read more about these organizations, their memberships, and their missions.




American Student Dental Association


The American Student Dental Association, which is also known as ASDA, is primarily concerned with the rights and welfare of dental students. ASDA counts over 20,000 dental students in addition to dental faculty and administrators among its members. ASDA provides special memberships for pre-dental students. The benefits of an ASDA pre-dental membership include everything from admissions tips to free subscriptions to ASDA’s publications. In addition to holding a number of leadership conferences and national meetings, ASDA lobbies the government on the interests and concerns of pre-dental and dental students. On the ASDA website, you can learn more about the Ryan Turner Memorial Scholarship, which is offered by ASDA to a member dental student each year. The ASDA website also contains links to other scholarship opportunities for dental students.


American Dental Education Association


The American Dental Education Association, or ADEA, is an organization whose membership includes all US and Canadian dental schools. The organization also counts dental programs, corporations, faculty, students, residents, and more among its members. ADEA’s mission has an extremely broad scope and puts an emphasis on addressing issues affecting dental education, research, and the delivery of dental care. Dental students enrolled at an ADEA Member Institution can register for free membership. There are numerous benefits of an ADEA Student Membership including ADEA scholarship links, fellowship programs, advocacy opportunities, and newsletters. The ADEA is active in lobbying the government on oral health issues. You can keep up to date on all things ADEA on the ADEA website.


American Dental Association


The American Dental Association, or ADA, is a nonprofit dental association. According to the ADA website, its 157,000 dentist members make it the largest dental association in the US. The ADA is very involved in scientific research and advocacy. In addition to advancing the dental profession as a whole through lobbying the federal government and providing resources to state dental societies, the ADA operates the Seal of Acceptance Program, which certifies dental products as being safe and effective. The ADA’s associated foundation, the ADA Foundation, offers scholarships for dental students, supports oral health for children, and supplies disaster relief to its members. 


In addition to the offerings of the aforementioned organizations, you can find many tools and resources for pre-dental students online. Remember to verify the credibility of online sources—you should ensure that the information you find comes from established organizations and businesses involved in the field of dentistry. Whether you are looking for admissions tips, a scholarship, or an online dental community, you will be spoilt for choice with a simple Internet search.


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