All successful nurses have these traits in common – Part 2

November 4, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Catchingupwiththemidwivesontheward.jpg Ability to think critically

The ability to think critically and recognize potential problems before they develop is a skill that not many people have. However in nursing, this is a trait that can make a marked difference in your career trajectory. A patient’s needs or reactions to medication may change constantly while they are under any treatment. Nurses who have developed their critical thinking skills are better able to respond to these changes in time, resulting in better outcomes for the patient. Critical thinking can be developed through practical knowledge and experience and also by participating in continuous education programs.     

Ability to coordinate

Very often, patients’ symptoms overlap and they require the care of different specialists. A large part of a nurse’s responsibility is co-ordinating patient care with the other medical professionals involved so that there are no lapses in the care meted out to the patient.



Irrespective of the specialty or career field, patience is vital to being able to succeed in this role. A good nurse knows that impatience gives rise to anxiety, temper flare-ups and misunderstandings, all of which can result in a negative outcome for the patient. Patience on the other hand, can help allay fears, soothe anxieties and calm tempers, paving the way for better progress in the patient’s treatment.  


Physical endurance

Nurses often work in shifts, which can involve standing for hours in an operating room or having to run up and down flights of stairs to get work done quickly. This is particularly important for nurses who work in a hospital, in the emergency department, in a private clinic or as part of an ambulance team. It is important to exercise regularly and stay fit so that you have the stamina to keep up with the physical demands of the job.


Heightened intuition

Intuition in nursing refers to the instinctive understanding of a problem without necessarily having a conscious thought. All successful nurses have a heighted sense of intuition, which has been developed through a combination of experience, instinct and scientific knowledge. These skills are particularly useful in emergency cases where an intuitive nurse is capable of picking up on the smallest clues and nuances that may go unnoticed by others. This trait in successful nurses is what can help prevent illnesses from becoming more severe and can also save lives.


Detail oriented

In medicine, the smallest error could potentially progress into a life-threatening result. With the amount of responsibilities that a nurse has to shoulder, there is zero tolerance for error in this role. Being detail oriented is instrumental to being successful in the nursing field. 



Successful nurses are focused on their patient’s needs and are committed to providing the best possible care no matter what. These dedicated professionals participate in continued education to enhance their knowledge, strive to become leaders in the field and are just as committed to teaching novices in their specialty.