Looking for something out of the ordinary? Consider becoming a doctor with the Australian Navy – Part 2

November 4, 2014

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Education & training requirements

There are three main entry routes into the Australian Navy and each has their own eligibility criteria.


A Gap Medics student on placement in the operating theatre Graduate entry

If you are already a degree qualified professional and looking for a job that offers the opportunity to utilise and further develop your leadership and management skills, a career as a Medical Officer in the Navy is the perfect option.

To be appointed as a naval officer under this category, it is mandatory for you to be registered as a medical practitioner under the laws of the Commonwealth or a State of Australia. Alternatively, you are required to have completed two years of hospital residency and hold qualifications that will enable you to be registered. In either case, your qualifications must be endorsed by the Directorate of Naval Category Management before you can be appointed. On appointment as an officer, you will then complete your initial officer training at HMAS CRESWELL, which is the Royal Australian Naval College, located at Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast.


Graduate medical program

The Graduate Medical Program allows those who already hold a relevant degree qualification to be sponsored to qualify as a medical practitioner, following which they can then serve as a Medical Officer in the Australian Defence Force. Candidates whose applications are successful undertake a four-year degree course at an Australian university offering the graduate medical program. Upon completion of the program, students undertake two years residency, which has to be completed at a teaching hospital.

Applicants accepted for sponsorship in the Graduate Medical Program receive several benefits including an attractive student salary and reimbursement of all reasonable expenses related to gaining admission to the course.



Undergraduate applicants can avail of the Navy sponsorship that allows them to continue their tertiary studies at a civilian university in Australia. To be eligible you should have completed at least one year of your degree and have no more than three years to complete.

The Navy provides financial assistance for buying essential books and equipment and, in some cases also assists with accommodation and other expenses such as food, electricity and rental costs.


Two additional qualifying tests

As part of the application process for joining the Australian Defence Force, you will be required to successfully complete two additional tests – the navy swim test and a specialised aptitude test.

The Navy swim test involves:


The aptitude test focuses on evaluating your numerical, verbal and spatial abilities, which provides recruiters with better insight about your suitability for the Defence Force and for certain specialty tasks.