Tips for creating an outstanding cover letter for your nursing resume

November 5, 2014

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Catching up with the midwives on the ward When applying for a nursing job in any organisation, it is compulsory to send your resume along with your application forms. Unfortunately however, the truth is some establishments do not even bother to read through all of the resumes they receive. They only pick out those that are accompanied by an interesting and compelling cover letter that piques their interest.

Your cover letter is extremely important because it is what helps create the first impression that the recruiter has of you. It is also the one component that helps recruiters decide whether they should bother to read your resume or not.



First impressions are very important and that is why you should follow these steps that will help you create a good cover letter when you send in a resume.


What to include in the cover letter

The cover letter should include as few details as possible while trying to put in as much necessary information as possible. Remember to include just the essentials. If you are sending a physical copy, ensure that you do not go beyond a single page. If it is via email, keep it short and simple so that the recruiters do not need to scroll all the way down to find any important information. Too much information and they may just decide to overlook it completely.

Before you start your cover letter, write down all your qualifications. Summarize them as well as you can and then put them into a few lines in the letter. Include all your nursing qualifications, the degrees that you have obtained and your previous work experience. Definitely talk about why you know you will be the best person to fill that vacancy. Again, put this down only in a couple of sentences and do not go on and on. If you are simply looking to gain some experience, mention that too.


Highlight your accomplishments

The best way to note down your accomplishments is to put them down in bullet points. These points will allow you to simply list out the important stuff while using the least amount of space and making each achievement stand out. You can use these bullet points to point out all the major responsibilities you had at your last job or the major accomplishments at nursing school. If you have worked somewhere else before and you have a letter of recommendation, you can attach a copy of the letter to the application. Remember to mention in a single line that the recommendation has been attached.


Connection between the job and you

The most important thing that you have to achieve from your cover letter is for recruiters to think that you are the best-suited candidate for the job. The trick is to highlight all your achievements while always sounding absolutely professional. If in your cover letter you can give a few concrete reasons why you think you are the best candidate for the position, you would have achieved your purpose of making the recruiter take a good look at your application.

A cover letter is a great way to give the recruiter a glimpse at who you are as a person and as a nurse. That is why it is important to take that little extra effort and write a good letter instead of taking one off the Internet just to save some time.