Everything you need to know about becoming a dental prosthetist in Australia – Part 1

November 6, 2014

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A Gap Medics mentor explaining a procedure whilst treating a patient A dental prosthetist is a qualified dental technician who specialises in the construction and maintenance of removable prosthetic oral appliances and sports mouth guards.

Job description 

Dental prosthetists originally train as dental technicians and then undergo further training and specialisation that qualify them to provide diagnostic, preventive and fabrication services for partial and complete dentures and mouth guards.

Some of the tasks of a dental prosthetist include:



Education & training requirements

To qualify as a dental prosthetist in Australia, you will have to successfully complete either a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Prosthetics or an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics.

Dental prosthetists are trained in a wide range of technical and clinical skills pertaining to protecting or replacing tooth function and are highly knowledgeable about the appropriate methods of constructing oral appliances from a variety of materials.

All qualified dental prosthetists in Australia are required to be registered by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency before setting up practice. You can only obtain registration to practice as a dental prosthetist on submission of proof that you have successfully completed an accredited post-graduate course in Dental Prosthetics, for which you will first need to have completed a course in Dental Technology. Once granted, registration needs to be renewed every year.

Working without obtaining registration from the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency is an offence. An unregistered dental prosthetist can be convicted and/or fined for illegal practice and their licence can be revoked.