Everything you need to know about becoming a dental prosthetist in Australia – Part 2

November 7, 2014

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The dentistry department Career options

Dental prosthetists are generally employed in public, private and commercial dental laboratories. You could also work independently as the owner of a denture clinic that assesses, constructs, fits and adjusts removable dentures and offers a sports mouth guard service. You can find numerous job opportunities in this specialty in the private and public sectors in regional and rural locations in most states and territories of Australia.

Take a look at some of the career options you would be able to choose from in this specialty.

Dental technician

A dental prosthetist is qualified to perform all of the duties of a dental technician in private and commercial dental laboratories as well as in hospitals, specialist dental practices, the armed forces and public sector dental health services. In most of these instances you would undertake a role that combines the work of a clinician as well as a technician.



Professionals in this specialty are qualified to provide a wide range of primary dental services to the public in a variety of settings including denture clinics, hospital dental laboratories, nursing homes or within a progressive private dental practice.



Backed by an in-depth knowledge in this field, dental prosthetists are uniquely qualified to develop and produce innovative dental appliances that offer improved outcomes. Building upon experience and self-motivations are the key attributes in this role.



This is a dental career avenue that can lead toward advanced degrees. You can apply the skills and knowledge from your work experience to educating future generations of dentists.



Experienced dental prosthetists are often sought out by dental laboratory companies to create and deliver educational courses to healthcare professionals.



 Research is a component of advanced degrees and can be conducted through a training program, a hospital or a dental laboratory.


Sales and marketing manager

 Dental product and service companies employ dental prosthetists as technical advisors to lead public marketing campaigns and product development in the laboratory. Some of the job responsibilities in this role involve identifying customer requirements, building customer relationships and organising and participating in trade exhibitions.



 This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced professional who has exceptional writing and time management skills, attention to detail and is interested in keeping the dental profession informed on current issues and the latest research and techniques.


Job potential 

The demand for qualified dental prosthetists in Australia has grown phenomenally over the past few years especially because of the country’s rapidly increasing aged population. The rural, regional and remote areas in particular offer tremendous scope.

A career in this specialty is excellent for you if you like working with tools and equipment, possess good eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity, have good time management skills and can apply a high level of attention to detail and precision.