Why a career in healthcare is a smart choice today

November 7, 2014

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Students prepare to see an operation at the hospital during their medical work experience with Gap Medics Most career counsellors and job outlook experts are recommending healthcare as one of the most promising career options today for anyone who likes helping people. So what is it about this field that makes it such a promising option? The answer lies in a combination of factors that appeal to individuals across all academic and cultural backgrounds. Here are a few compelling reasons why pursuing a career in the field of healthcare could be the smartest decision you’ve ever made.




#1- Healthcare is one of the fastest growing job markets anywhere in the world

With more and more people living longer lives thanks to phenomenal breakthroughs being made in medicine, more healthcare professionals are needed to treat the numerous health problems that come with advanced age.

Experts are predicting that as the baby boomers approach retirement, it is inevitable that the current healthcare infrastructure will be pushed to its limits and will eventually get overburdened. The only way to prevent this scenario is to train more healthcare workers. Right now, the demand for healthcare professionals across all specialties is at an all time high around the world and experts predict that this demand is only going to keep growing.


#2- Healthcare offers a level of stability that is not seen in other careers

No matter what the state of the economy, the healthcare industry is the last to see the effects of any downturn. People get sick and need to be treated irrespective of the existing financial scenario with the result that healthcare is always hiring and skilled medical professionals across all specialties will always be in demand.


#3 – The healthcare industry offers a wider diversity than any other field

Healthcare offers a diverse array of specialties and positions that appeal to almost all personalities, working styles and areas of interest. Whether you prefer working in the intense, fast-paced environment of the emergency department or in a less intense specialty such as dermatology, you can find something that is just right for you in medicine. If you prefer to help people from behind the scenes, instead of working directly with patients in a clinical setting you could choose to work in administration, medical billing or sales, all of which involve minimal contact with patients. As long as you are interested in helping people, you can be sure to find something you enjoy in this field.  


#4 – Healthcare is immensely rewarding 

While every profession has its own rewards, healthcare stands in a class by itself. There are very few other career options that allow you to have such an immediate impact on the lives of those in real need. Consider a radiologist detecting a cancer mass in its early stages, a cardiologist offering timely intervention or a nurse operating in the ER. All of these professionals enjoy the unparalleled satisfaction that comes from having saved a life. There’s nothing quite like it. When you work in healthcare, every decision you make directly affects not just patients but also their loved ones. It is a huge responsibility and can get very intense all too often, but those who are already in the field readily admit that it is the best decision they’ve ever made and they would do the same all over again.