An inside look at the fascinating world of corporate nursing

November 11, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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With plenty of job opportunities available in a variety of settings, an increasing number of experienced nurses are choosing to make the transition from bedside nursing to corporate nursing.  As a corporate nurse, you could choose to work in a diverse variety of settings including:

Gap Medics students during their hospital placement According to experienced nurses who have put in many years in this field, all nurses inevitably come to a point where they have to choose whether they want to continue on a clinical track or whether they should make the transition to an administrative path. What about you? Would you make the switch? Should you trade your scrubs for a business suit?


Here a few things you ought to think about before deciding whether or not to make the switch.



The most important factor you need to consider

For most individuals who pursue a career in nursing, direct patient contact is the main reason they choose this profession. Making the switch to the corporate world means getting less face-to-face time with patients. However, you would still be involved in patient care, albeit in an entirely different capacity. The path you decide to follow will depend upon your priorities as well as the stage you are at in your career.


The many perks of being a corporate nurse

The corporate world offers diverse employment opportunities for nurses who are burnt out by the demands of traditional hospital nursing but still want to remain in the field. Working for a corporation is far less stressful than working in a hospital and dealing directly with patients.

Corporate nurses enjoy greater flexibility as compared to their counterparts who work in hospitals and private clinics. Because they do not deal with medical emergencies, they usually work regular hours and are not expected to work weekends or holidays. This is perfect for nurses who have younger children or other family commitments.

Although corporate nurses don’t deal directly with patients, they do impact patient care. In fact, these professionals often have a greater impact on patient care as they are in a leadership position where they can make vital decisions that benefit both the patients as well as the staff.

Another exciting opportunity for corporate nurses is working with medical equipment manufacturing companies where their experience with direct patient care gives them the insight necessary for designing new medical equipment or improving the design of existing equipment. In this role, they are also responsible for training caregivers on how to use state-of-the-art medical technology.

Several nurses who make the decision to switch career paths admit that one of the primary reasons behind this decision was that as corporate nurses they could use their clinical skills, knowledge and experience to help larger patient populations. In addition, corporate nurses command competitive wages and perks without the physical and emotional demands that are often required in traditional hospital nursing jobs.