Interested in a humanitarian career? The Australian Red Cross is a great place to start – Part 1

November 13, 2014

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Students listening attentively to their mentor The Red Cross, a well-known international aid organisation, has set up operations in several countries around the world including Australia. The main reason behind setting up these multi-country operations is to make it possible for them to fulfil their motto of ‘providing relief in times of crisis and care where it is needed most’. Disaster can strike anywhere, anytime and because they have operations set up around the world, no matter where there is a crisis or when, the Red Cross is usually the first relief organisation on the scene. For anyone who is interested in a humanitarian career, joining the Red Cross is a great way to get started.


Whether you decide to work with the Red Cross full time, part time or as a volunteer, you will find plenty of opportunities and several different ways to become part of this esteemed organisation.


How you benefit by being a part of the Red Cross in any capacity


How to get started with being a part of the Red Cross

There are two ways you can get started with the Red Cross – by completing one of their training courses or by volunteering overseas.


Complete a training course

 The Red Cross conducts several short training courses for volunteers as well as paid staff. These courses cover different aspects of working in this field and give students the right tools to build their humanitarian career. In addition to helping students understand the fundamentals of humanitarian action, these courses also teach you about protection, gender and disability and how to maintain your own wellbeing during a crisis.

Some of the courses that the Red Cross Australia offers include:

This inspiring, informative and intensive three-day course is ideal for anyone who is keen on exploring or pursuing a career in international aid work. You will receive training from experienced Red Cross aid workers on the principles of humanitarian assistance, how to become an effective aid worker and what are the common challenges that aid workers face. 


This invaluable two-day training teaches you to how to enhance efficiency by working more effectively with partners and colleagues in cross-cultural settings.


This is a practical two-day course that is especially designed for all humanitarian aid workers who work with people affected by disasters or armed conflict in international settings. This course teaches aid workers how to ensure people’s safety, rights and dignity are protected. 


Volunteer overseas with the Red Cross

 There’s no better way to build your field experience than by volunteering. When you donate your time and skills through the Red Cross, the organisation rewards you by providing living allowances and other support. You can volunteer with the Red Cross in Africa, Asia or the Pacific.