A master’s in healthcare administration paves the way for some interesting, high-level career paths

November 14, 2014

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in healthcare but would prefer to work in administration and policy making rather than working directly with patients?

Gap Medics students during their hospital placement If so, you should consider working towards an MHA or Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

One of the biggest benefits of obtaining an MHA is that it allows you to explore management-oriented careers in a variety of healthcare-related organisations and settings across all three employment sectors – providers, suppliers and policy organisations. Within these employment sectors you can explore a wide range of career opportunities from public relations, policymaking and human resources to facilities and equipment, regulatory and legal compliance, technology and financial matters to name a few.


Opportunities in healthcare provider organisations

Healthcare provider organisations are the most common choice for graduates of healthcare administration programs and leading the way in this category are hospitals. In addition to hospital administration, as a healthcare administration graduate you would also be able to find jobs with:


Some of the job titles to explore within these organisations include:


Opportunities in healthcare supplier organisations

When we think ‘healthcare’ our thoughts immediately go towards care-giving settings and the professionals who work there. However, healthcare organisations cannot function without supplier organisations that provide them with essential supplies and equipment as well as key services in such areas as operations, technology, training/development, finance/accounting and staffing.

If you would prefer to work with healthcare supplier organisations, with a MHA you would be qualified to pursue a career with a variety of companies including:


Some of the job titles you could aspire to with these organisations include:


Opportunities in healthcare policy organisations

Working in healthcare policy organisations is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in addressing health-related issues on a broader scale. Most jobs in this sector involve working with government or semi-government organisations or public health agencies and non-profit organisations with health-oriented missions.

Job titles to explore in this sector include:


How to get the requisite experience

As with all other career paths, getting a job immediately after you graduate can be difficult. The best way to improve your marketability is by gaining some experience in the field.   

If you aspire to a high-level job in a clinical area, consider gaining some experience as a certified nursing assistant, a clinical tech or phlebotomist.

If your goal is to pursue a nonclinical leadership position, working as an administrative assistant or admissions clerk in a business office will give you the relevant work experience that you need.