Work ethics rank high in the field of nursing – Part 1

November 19, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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A pre-nursing student with her mentor Your work ethics can make or break your nursing career. You may be the most knowledgeable nurse on the floor but if you do not have impeccable work ethics you may find it difficult to hold a job for very long. To avoid getting into this predicament when you start working, it is a good idea to be mindful of good working habits right from the time you start nursing school so that by the time you graduate, these habits will become second nature to you. 

Here are a few work habits that are crucial in nursing and how you can inculcate them in nursing school. These will hold you in good stead in any work setting.


Be competent – strive to be the best you can be

Competency lies at the core of the nursing profession. When you are dealing with people’s lives, incompetence can be downright dangerous and can put your patients and even the staff at unnecessary risk. For most healthcare employers, incompetency in any staff member is considered to be one of the most serious infractions. Nothing brings out a termination letter faster.

What you can do in nursing school to practice being competent

 The best way to be competent in your career is to practice being the best you can be in nursing school itself. Don’t be lax when working on projects and completing your assignments. Never turn in sloppy work. Complete every project as if your patient’s life depended on it. Give your 100% every single day.

Be professional at all times

All work environments are not perfect and this is particularly true in the nursing field. Working with patients who are ill and afraid and in need of competent treatment as well as empathy and compassion, can be highly demanding and stressful. Working with colleagues who are dealing with the same high stress situations can make for a very volatile workplace with a lot of potential for conflicts. However, proper communication is crucial in order to mete out the best possible care to patients and it is important for healthcare settings to be free of any tension and strife to facilitate free flow communication.

One of the traits of a successful nurse is the ability to rise above all workplace conflicts and stay professional at all times. Instigating verbal altercations or creating hostility in the workplace is guaranteed to get you dismissed. 

What you can do in nursing school to practice being professional

 While you are at school you are sure to come across other students or even teachers that you may not get along with. Learn to accept that it is impossible to get along or like everybody and instead practice being friendly with everybody. Instead of confronting somebody about something that you did not like, learn to rise above it and let it go. Above all, do not indulge in petty gossip


More tips about work ethics will follow in Part 2.