Work ethics rank high in the field of nursing – Part 2

November 20, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Be consistent

Meeting mentors at McCormick hospital in Chiang Mai All healthcare establishments without exception prefer to hire nurses who perform consistently and who are interested in the job for the long haul. Irrespective at what stage of your career you are at, employers do invest a certain amount of time and money into hiring and training you. In return, they would like to see you work with them over the long term while turning in a consistent performance on the job.

Nurses with blotchy employment histories are considered high risk that will not just cost the employer time and money but could possibly put their reputation at risk too. Inconsistency and a spotty history can make it difficult for you to find a good job.   

What you can do in nursing school to practice being consistent

 Make sure you attend all classes and complete all assignments, no matter what. Don’t get into the habit of making excuses. Resist the temptation to bunk classes so you can catch up with friends who have dropped in from out of town. Accept the fact that this is a profession where you will have to make more than a few compromises and miss out on family occasions sometimes.

Stay connected with other nurses

Staying connected is not an option. You need to stay connected with other professionals in the workplace to ensure that every patient gets the best possible treatment. In addition, as a nurse you will be working in an environment where dire situations are commonplace. No matter how objective you are, dealing with these situations day in and day out can wear you down. Having the support of your colleagues or just being able to talk to somebody who understands what you are going through can be of huge comfort and can help you get over difficult situations and get back to work renewed and recharged.

If you choose to stay disconnected and work alone, you may find that you have lost much needed support later in your career. If you find that you prefer working alone rather than as a team member, it may be best to look for a non-clinical nursing specialty such as research or administration that does not involve direct patient care.

What you can do in nursing school to practice staying connected

 Learn to be a team player. Participate in classroom discussions. Give your input and listen to what others have to say too. Be generous when it comes to helping out colleagues who are struggling either with class work or on the personal front. A little help can go a long way in helping the other person and you can be sure it will be reciprocated when the occasion arises.

On a final note

All of the above come as part and parcel of nursing.  The only way to be successful in this career path is to accept the responsibility that comes with it and act accordingly.