What makes healthcare such an in-demand career choice?

November 21, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Gap Medics students with a patient on the maternity ward in Chiang Mai The competition for medical school is tough, the coursework is long and rigorous and the tuition fees are higher than most other professional courses – so why is it that an increasing number of students still keep applying to medical school year after year?

The answer lies in several little and large aspects of healthcare. Take a look at some of the more compelling reasons why a career in healthcare is and will always be a popular career choice.




There is a wide variety of positions available

One of the best things about a career in healthcare is that there is something that appeals to everyone, regardless of personalities, working styles, areas of interest or level of education.

You can choose to pursue the advanced training required to practice as a surgeon or if you are looking for a quicker route, you can opt for a less intense office-oriented position that requires an Associate’s degree.

If you love working with people you can choose a clinical setting that allows you direct access to patients. If you prefer working behind the scenes, there are several opportunities in medical administration, billing or sales.

You can choose jobs that involve travelling around the world or you can choose a specialty that allows you to build life-long relationships with families in and around your neighbourhood. 

There are fast-paced specialties such as the trauma and emergency departments and then there are slower-paced specialties such as dermatology. As long as you like helping people, you know you will find something for you in this field.  


Healthcare is booming

All labour market experts and global economists without exception predict that the need for healthcare services is all set to expand significantly over the next few years. As scientists develop treatments that help people live longer lives, the existing healthcare infrastructure is bound to get stretched to its limits, resulting in a greater demand for more healthcare specialists. 

As of right now there is already a worldwide shortage of medical professionals across all specialties. In the coming years, this shortage is expected to grow even more acute, leaving healthcare employers scrambling to find qualified professionals to fill a glut of vacancies.  


Healthcare will always remain stable irrespective of the economic scenario

People will always be vulnerable to illness and injury. While most people may scale back their spending on luxuries, paying for healthcare is unavoidable, which means your services will always be in demand. And because the principles of healthcare are standard all over the world, your services will be in demand worldwide.


Most of all – healthcare is rewarding

There are few other career options that give you the opportunity to have such an immediate and life-changing impact on the lives of people in need. Not only do you help the sick get back on their feet again, you also get to bring new lives into the world and save people’s lives.  Every decision and every action in the healthcare field has direct impact on patients and their loved ones. Working in healthcare can be intense but ask anyone who works in this field and they all agree that the rewards of the job are unparalleled and everything they’ve done to get where they are has been totally worth it.