Having an advisor can be hugely beneficial for pre-med students

November 28, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Students with one of the doctors in Tanzania Having a knowledgeable pre-med advisor to guide you through the med school admissions process can be an invaluable asset. In many cases, it could make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful application.

Take a look at some of the ways in which having a pre-med advisor can help you.


You get the help you need to simplify the admissions process

Most pre-med students find themselves getting overwhelmed by the admissions process for medical school. There’s the UKCAT deadline and the submission deadline to make note of, a personal essay to be composed and letters of recommendation to be obtained in addition to participating in volunteering and shadowing activities. It’s difficult to know how or where to get started.

An advisor can help simplify all of this for you and guide you through all of the processes. The first stop is to help you decide which courses to take at your college or university so that you graduate with a useful degree while meeting all medical school course requirements at the same time. Your advisor is essentially there to help you gain admission to medical school.


An advisor can introduce you to local resources for extra curricular activities

Extracurricular activities in the form of volunteering, physician shadowing and other clinical experiences are an important part of your portfolio when applying to medical school. However, getting access to these opportunities is not easy. Very often, the only way you can gain access to some facility is if you know somebody who works there or has some connections to the place. And even if you do know somebody, that does not necessarily mean they can help you.

Because of the role they play, pre-med advisors are your perfect go-to resource. Most advisors will have a network of people they can call upon when looking for different opportunities. They would also have received feedback from ex-students who they have helped, so they would know which opportunities may be better suited to your temperament, your learning style and your professional goals and which may not be such a good fit.

Pre-med advisors will take your individuality and all other factors into consideration and offer you customised advice that is most beneficial to you. This is so much better than muddling your way through shadowing activities and other experiences that may not be well suited to you or may not benefit you as much.


Advisors are your go-to resource for all kinds of information on different medical schools

From scholarships and internship opportunities to teaching styles and tuition breaks, pre-med advisors are endless wells of information and advice on all the medical schools on your shortlist. They can also give you advice as to where you stand the best chances of gaining admission and where your chances may not be so good based on the school’s trend over the past few years.

All of these are things that add up and can make a huge difference in your application success. What’s more, pre-med advisors are more than happy to share their knowledge and help their mentees so there’s absolutely no reason to hesitate.