What are the most important traits that med students need to acquire to become better physicians? – Part 2

November 28, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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Learning from the Thai doctors! Respect your patients

It’s easy to get onto your high horse and speak down to patients in terms they do not understand. However, just because you know something they don’t, it does not give you the right. Speaking down to a patient will make them feel uncomfortable and they will stop trusting you. As a doctor, it is most important to respect your patients, talk to them as equals and explain things so that they can understand everything easily. Respect builds trust, confidence and most importantly, it lays the foundation for mutual trust. 



Be forthright

Do not beat around the bush with patients no matter how difficult it may be to tell them what’s going on. Patients expect the doctor to tell them exactly what is wrong and give them the best possible solution for the problem. It is your duty as the doctor to be clear and precise so that the patient can understand the problem easily and make an informed decision about treatment.


Be meticulous and thorough

Though it may get boring and tiring to go over every fact available, it is important for a doctor to be absolutely thorough in their work. This means re-doing medical histories if necessary and re-checking test results when needed. Patients entrust their lives in your hands and you have to reciprocate this trust by being meticulous and thorough even if it means doing additional work.


Be knowledgeable – Stay up to date

Your qualifications may bring patients through the door but it is your knowledge that will keep them there. Your office walls may be decorated with the highest certification in your specialty but you cannot afford to just fall back on your old certifications. In a field such as medicine, where there are new developments every day, it is important that you stay abreast of latest advancements in your specialty by reading the latest scientific journals. It is equally important to implement newer technologies into your practice and this can be done by participating in continued education. Nobody wants to go to a doctor who refuses to keep up with the times. 


Be passionate about your work

The golden rule to be a successful physician is to love what you do. If you love your work, you will automatically take extra care when you get into a case, get as much knowledge as you can and treat patients well. Physicians who are happy in their line of work become better doctors and people love being treated by them.