The core disciplines of public health

December 9, 2014

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A master’s of public health degree (MPH) offers students a wide range of specialisation opportunities within five core disciplines – administration/management, policy, education, research and community practice.



Gap Medics students during their hospital placement Huge changes that have taken place in healthcare and related industries have created a huge demand for professionals who are qualified to manage complex institutions, from hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies to insurance companies, colleges and universities, hospital supply firms and managed care institutions. With healthcare being such a huge industry, opportunities will only continue to grow and there will be a great demand for expertise in management and administration.





There are a number of opportunities for public health graduates in this discipline where the complex dynamics of the healthcare system are examined to see what effects they have not just on the health of individuals but on the entire community. Armed with this degree, you could be in a position to make important policy decisions about healthcare. You could find employment in government agencies, private or public foundations, in corporations, in regulatory agencies or advocacy groups and as consultants in think tanks.

These jobs will be very much in demand with so many advances in the medical and scientific fields and in developing countries where more health planners are urgently needed.



There are numerous career opportunities in healthcare education for public health graduates. With so much emphasis on health today, it is only natural that there is a growing demand for healthcare professionals and this means that healthcare education will become more and more popular. Teaching jobs will be available at universities, in schools, in consulting firms, in government healthcare organisations and international organisations.

With degrees in healthcare becoming popular, the demand for healthcare educators is growing not just in this country, but all over the world.



Research agencies all over the world are always in need of qualified professionals in the field of public health to conduct research on several diverse areas. Research jobs are available in both private as well as public research foundations as well as in government health institutions, academic institutions and private industries.


Community practice

This core discipline helps you to hone your leadership qualities, which are so essential when it comes to community practice. Professionals who have earned an MPH degree are in great demand in government agencies as well as in international agencies. Crisis and relief centres, homes for the elderly, rehab and substance abuse centres as well as consulting firms also hire people with this qualification.

All over the world, the need for qualified people who can handle community practice is growing. Both private and public healthcare institutions as well as corporations and the industry benefit from the expertise of people trained in this area.