Not everything you’ve heard about nursing is true – some things are just myths

December 10, 2014

Article by Global Pre-Meds
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One of our students posing with the nursing staff in Chiang Mai As with most other professions, nursing has its fair share of myths and fallacies. Unfortunately, some of these myths have kept many fantastic ‘would-be’ nurses away from realising their dream vocation, resulting not just in a huge personal loss but also a loss to the entire healthcare community as well as the patients who would have benefited from their committed care.

If you are considering getting into nursing but are rethinking your choices because of something you’ve heard, it would help to separate myth from fact. Here are some of the more common myths on nursing and the truth behind them.


Nursing is all about hard work and low pay


 This may have been true many years ago. Today’s nurses are paid well. Their salaries are on par with several others in the healthcare sector. Even the starting salary for a nurse who is just out of nursing school has become very competitive. There is also a lot of scope for salary increases as you climb up the ladder and take on more responsibility after completing speciality courses.


Nurses are simply would-be doctors who dropped out of med school


 It would be highly unfair to call a nurse a ‘would-be’ doctor. Nurses and doctors are two completely different professionals. The only thing in common between the two is that they work in the same industry. Today’s nurses are highly respected in the medical field. They are well educated, they are highly skilled in their line of work and they are in demand throughout the healthcare sector as nurses not as substitute doctors.


Nurses work long hours and horrible shifts


 Every job has its own challenges and so does nursing. While some days may be particularly long and hectic, every working day does not involve long hours and graveyard shifts. Your work hours, your shifts and other variables are determined by the workplace, your speciality, your work experience and numerous other factors. Moreover, if you do not like the working hours in one particular environment, there are several opportunities that are sure to offer you options that are more in line with what you are looking for. If working shifts is not an option for you because of your personal circumstances, there are several home healthcare or admin opportunities where you can work regular hours.


Nursing is for those who do not want a degree or cannot get one


 This myth implies that graduating from nursing school is a walk in the park and nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to what many people think, nursing school does not just prepare you to give injections, change sheets and keep a check on patients’ vitals. Nursing school is in fact as tough, if not tougher than many other professional degree courses. The nursing curriculum today is challenging and fast paced and involves a lot of research and practical work. Today’s nursing students are groomed to be leaders in their field.