Does dyslexia affect admission into medical school?

December 11, 2014

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Students On the wards in Tanzania If you are dyslexic and are wondering if any medical school would approve of your application, the answer is yes, students with dyslexia can get into medical school and become doctors. If you meet all of the other eligibility criteria, dyslexia by itself does not act as an obstacle and will not be counted against you when you send in your application. That’s sure to be great news for dyslexic students everywhere who would love nothing better than to pursue a career in healthcare but are just too hesitant because of several reasons.




What you should know about applying to med school

To encourage all students to come forward and apply to med school, certain guidelines have been put in place for students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities.

First and foremost, you are required to inform the authorities that you have dyslexia in your initial application.

Secondly, you will also have to submit an assessment report that has been written and signed by a specialist teacher.

Along with the report, there should also be a letter, which should state the kind of support you will need for your disability in order to keep up in medical school.

If the rest of your application is on par with the other applications that are being accepted by the medical schools, they will consider your application at the same level.


Preparing for the interview

If you are called for an interview, the health physician at the university will conduct a thorough examination to determine whether you are ‘fit to practise’. If you pass this test, you will continue on to the interview and you will also be given additional time during the interview.

When you go in for your interview, do not mention your dyslexia or focus on it. The interviewers already know about your dyslexia from your application, you do not need to remind them. Instead, simply stay focused on giving them compelling reasons as to why they should accept you into medical school. Tell them about your achievements and let them get a look into your personality to see if you will fit in with their school. Focus on what you are capable of doing instead of focusing on your limitations. Remember – everybody has their own limitations so don’t get too worked up about it. 


Medical schools encourage and support dyslexic students

Once you are a student of a school, that school is obliged to give you various considerations to help you cope with the curriculum and keep up with the rest of the class.

Take a look at some of the concessions that dyslexic students can avail of:

If you put in the best you can and make the most use of all the facilities provided to you by the medical school, keeping up with the rest of the class will not be all that difficult. Besides, professors and students often go out of their way to help those with learning disabilities. After all, helping others is what the medical profession is all about isn’t it?